Chicago Fire fans are worried that Mouch actor Christian Stolte has left the show

Mouch on Chicago Fire S11
Christian Stolte stars as Randy “Mouch” McHolland on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire season finale ended with several big cliffhangers.

One of the unresolved storylines was the fate of Randy “Mouch” McHolland.

And following that finale episode airing, many Chicago Fire fans have expressed concerns about Mouch dying.

Christian Stolte plays Mouch on the Chicago Fire cast, and he has done so since Season 1.

Mouch and Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) represent the old-school firefighters.

That dynamic often leads to amusing moments as they interact with younger guys like Darren Ritter and Blake Gallo.

Mouch almost dies in the Chicago Fire season finale

In Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 22, Firehouse 51 responds to a call at a power station.

Domestic terrorists are trying to leave millions of people without power, but a task force led by Matt Casey is on the job.

While on that call, Mouch is hit by a piece of shrapnel and rushed to the hospital.

He seems to be recovering fine when Herrmann goes to visit, but Mouch flatlines as the episode comes to an end.

Chicago Fire fans are very worried about Mouch

Many fans have left comments on a social media post Christian Stolte made about finale night. Some fans even think that he was hinting at Mouch dying.

“Please tell me you aren’t leaving? You make Chicago fire, well, Chicago fire. Chicago fire wouldn’t be the same with you. I am a BIG one Chicago fan so when I saw what happened just a minute ago when I watched Chicago fire. I was screaming at the TV, my mom was trying to shush me but I just kept yelling louder! Please don’t leave!!!!” wrote a worried Chicago Fire fan.

Chicago Fire Fan On Mouch
A worried Chicago Fire fan leaves a note. Pic credit: @ChristianStolte/Instagram

Some fans also took the time to let Christian know how much they love Mouch.

Chicago Fire fans love Mouch
Worried Chicago Fire fans leave love notes. Pic credit: @ChristianStolte/Instagram

Over the past week, many additional fans have shown up on Christian’s post to talk about how they hope Mouch survives.

One fan even called him “the glue that keeps everyone together” on the show.

Losing Mouch would be a huge hit to fans.

More Chicago Fire Fans On Mouch
More Chicago Fire fans comment on Mouch. Pic credit: @ChristianStolte/Instagram

Some more news from One Chicago

The ongoing Writers Strike will likely cause the One Chicago shows to be postponed by NBC. It means that new episodes might not arrive for a while.

Regarding Chicago Fire Season 12, there are a lot of additional questions that haven’t been answered.

The fate of Kelly Severide and whether or not Taylor Kinney returns to the Chicago Fire cast is still up in the air.

It is also unclear if other casting changes will happen before Season 12 episodes start rolling out.

Fans can enjoy streaming past episodes on Peacock until more news comes out.

And for now, no announcement about Christian Stolte leaving the show has been made.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Sandra Mayrose
Sandra Mayrose
1 year ago

I hope Mouch is ok and survives.Not only a good person he is a big part of Chicago Fire. And let’s not think what Trudy would go through. There has been way too many changes and people are going to want to stop watching. Everyone works so good together!!

Lisa Boudnik
Lisa Boudnik
1 year ago

Mouch can’t leave the show! He’s phenomenal and so is his character,he portrays. I hope the one who plays Kelly stays. She’s also phenomenal!

Cherie ONeill
Cherie ONeill
1 year ago

Mouch needs to stay and Kelly needs to come back! They are the best!