Chicago Fire cast: Who plays Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins?

New Chief Chicago Fire
Jimmy Nicholas has joined the Chicago Fire cast as Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Fire cast featured Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins on the last episode, providing a possible new antagonist to the show.

During that last episode of Chicago Fire, the house responded to an accident between a car and a semi-truck. The car was stuck under the trailer of the semi and it was on fire.

The team rescued a woman from the front seat and when the call was over, Herrmann and Ritter stayed behind to help clean up the scene. It was then that Herrmann heard a child trapped in the back of the car.

They got the child out and tried to call for an ambulance, but it was at least 15 minutes out. Herrmann then used his cell phone to call Sylvie Brett, who was finishing up a call. Brett and Violet came to the rescue, saving the boy from dying.

Back at the house, the new chief was waiting for them, and Brett was in trouble for not following protocol and radioing in that they were taking the call. It meant two ambulances were heading to the same incident, which the paramedic chief was really upset about.

Herrmann took the hit, though, saying he lied to Brett and had said he called it in when he didn’t. It got Brett out of trouble for the time being. Later, when Brett was talking to Chief Boden about a new program she wanted to start, he said she would have to go through Hawkins. It means we will see him again.

Who plays Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins on the Chicago Fire cast?

Actor Jimmy Nicholas has joined the Chicago Fire cast and we may see a lot of him in the short term. His character already let Chief Boden know that if he didn’t write up Herrmann, that he would be submitting his own report. This means Herrmann’s career could now be in jeopardy.

Nicholas only has a few credits to his name before joining the Chicago Fire cast. He appeared on an episode each of The Good Wife, Instinct, and Madam Secretary. He also had small parts in the films Fathers & Daughters, Not Cool, and Gorenos.

He also seemed really excited about landing the part on Chicago Fire and he shared the news on social media recently.

“Exciting update! I’ve joined the Chicago Fire family! I couldn’t be more excited to debut tonight (9est/8cst)! I’m terrible at these set photos, so here’s my first fitting and the night before my first day of filming, getting HYPED up in my hotel room,” Nicholas posted on Instagram with a photo from behind the scenes.

Nicholas is also very active in the fitness world, which is something he has referenced quite a bit on his social media pages. Below is a recent post he made about where he is at in his life and he again mentions the opportunity provided to him by Chicago Fire Season 10.

Chicago Fire Season 10 rolls on

Jimmy Nicholas and Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins show up on the cast sheet for the new episode of Chicago Fire for Week 3. It means we are going to hear more from him, possibly through Brett making her proposal. Hopefully, he doesn’t just turn her down.

And stay tuned folks, because the big Chicago Fire Episode No. 200 is coming up very quickly.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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