Chicago Fire cast: Andy Allo returns as Wendy Seager

Severide And Allo Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide and Andy Allo as Wendy Seager on Chicago Fire Season 10. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire cast member Andy Allo is back to play Chicago Fire Lieutenant Wendy Seager again.

Seager is part of the arson investigation team for the fire district, and she worked with Severide during a lot of Season 8 of the show.

The last episode that Seager appeared in was called I’ll Cover You (Season 8, Episode 18), and it featured Severide teaming up with Seager and the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI) when a motel structure fire turned suspicious.

Seager was a character that challenged Severide on the job, and the duo worked very well to solve some key arsons when he was tasked with helping clear a backlog of fires that OFI was in charge of investigating.

Who plays Lieutenant Wendy Seager on the Chicago Fire cast?

Actress Andy Allo first appeared on Chicago Fire for the 2019 episode, Welcome to Crazytown. At that time, she wasn’t very well known yet. But she had appeared on two episodes of Black Lightning for The CW, and as more minor characters in Pitch Perfect 3 (Serenity), The Hero (Bartender), and Hacked (Sparrow).

Recently, Allo has been seen on the Netflix series Upload as Nora Antony. She also appeared on an episode of Acting for a Cause and the film, 2 Minutes of Fame. Another film of hers, called Die Like Lovers, is in post-production.

And then she took a little break, but she is back for Chicago Fire Season 10.

Chicago Fire cast shift during Season 10

On the last episode of Chicago Fire, actor Jesse Spencer left the show. The exit of Lieutenant Matthew Casey caught a lot of Chicago Fire fans by surprise, as it had seemed almost like NBC was only teasing the exit of a character like it had previously done with Kelly Severide.

Instead of a tease, though, Casey left Firehouse 51 to move to Portland. A Season 10 storyline addressed what happened to Andy Darden on the series premiere and how Darden’s sons needed someone to look out for them. Enter Casey, who said he has plans to return to Chicago once he has seen the boys off to college.

The first episode of Chicago Fire without Matthew Casey is going to have Firehouse 51 dealing with 9-1-1 going down for the city. While most of the firefighters are dealing with that situation, it looks like Severide is going to be tabbed to help with an arson investigation.

During the last episode, the firehouse responded to a church fire that had been started by someone lighting a cat on fire and tossing it into the building. That seems likely to be the case where Severide and Seager are going to be working during the episode called Dead Zone.

Below is a scene from Chicago Fire Season 8 where Severide, Seager, and Ruzek (from Chicago P.D.) try to track down a suspect.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones
2 years ago

Why does Allo wear a wig on/in her appearances?