Celebrity Big Brother canceled? CBS leaves show off winter schedule

Julie Chen Interview 2
Julie Chen Moonves Big Brother interview. Pic credit: Global TV/YouTube

Was Celebrity Big Brother canceled? Maybe. That’s a possible takeaway from the CBS winter schedule that was just released.

As we reported, the start date for Survivor: Winners at War was announced, along with the debut of many other CBS shows this winter. That includes the return of FBI: Most Wanted and Criminal Minds.

There were some new shows advertised within the commercial and press releases from CBS as well, but none of them made any mention of the reality competition show.

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Last winter, Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother 2, but there was a lot of drama surrounding the cast being put together. Reportedly, producers were having trouble getting celebrities to honor their contracts.

Now, an end result could be that Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t even show up on the 2020 winter schedule for CBS. As it stands, it looks nearly impossible to fit in another season on the schedule.

Maybe some of the controversies from Big Brother 20 also pushed producers in that direction?

Julie Chen Addresses Big Brother Season 20 Controversy | ET Canada

Could Big Brother: All-Stars still take place?

There have been a lot of rumors about the producers putting together a cast of All-Stars. Those stories were fueled by what host Julie Chen Moonves was doing on social media.

In the week that Halloween took place, Julie was dressing up as former houseguests. It created a lot of buzz on social media and made it seem like she was hinting at something. Or, maybe fans just wanted to read into those images.

Dressing up as some of the most memorable houseguests the show has seen gave added ammunition to fans who have felt that the show was going to do another All-Stars season soon. But since then, nothing has evolved from it.

It’s possible that CBS decides to do something entirely online during the winter months, but it is starting to really seem like Celebrity Big Brother just got canceled.

If we hear anything directly from production or the network in regard to a new winter season or an official cancellation, we will make sure to pass it on.

Big Brother will return for new episodes for the summer 2020 season.

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