CBS Big Brother Field Trip Vote: Who are fans voting for in poll?

Jessica Milagros In BB21 House
Jessica Milagros is part of the Big Brother 21 cast in summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The CBS Big Brother Field Trip Vote is still underway, with a lot of fans taking part in polls about the vote itself.

Fan site Joker’s Updates has been doing its own poll in regard to the upcoming BB21 Field Trip. Site users were asked to weigh in on who they were voting to send out of the house to that special challenge.

The updated vote totals make it clear that the site users really want to see Christie Murphy, Jackson Michie, and Tommy Bracco taking part in the possibly game-ruining twist.

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So far, Christie has received 20 percent of the vote, Jackson is at 15.8 percent, and Tommy is at 14.4 percent. The only other BB21 houseguest in doubles figures are Analyse Talavera at 10.2 percent and Jack Matthews at 10.1 percent.

When does CBS Big Brother Field Trip Vote end?

Voting will remain open for this twist until the morning of Friday, August 9. The poll for Joker’s Updates is an unofficial look at how fans are feeling, but it could be indicative of what happens in the real vote.

Within the Big Brother episode schedule, the results of this poll will be revealed during the August 12 installment. But first, a huge Eviction Ceremony has to take place on Thursday night (August 8). That’s when Head of Household Jessica Milagros has a big move ready for the CBS audience.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds

Live feed subscribers already know what has happened with the Power of Veto and what will take place during the August 7 episode. This is where it is revealed that Jessica won the POV and decided to not use it at the Veto Ceremony. The final nominees for the week are Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie.

A lot of fans already feel that Jack is about to get evicted from the game, which is why he is lower than expected in the polls about the Big Brother Field Trip vote. He may already be a part of the BB21 jury when the voting results are announced.

Big Brother airs episodes on CBS each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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