CBS announces premiere dates for ‘FBI Tuesday’ this fall

FBI Crossover Cast
The FBI and FBI: Most Wanted casts had a recent crossover event. Pic credit: CBS

FBI is going to dominate Tuesdays. 

CBS has just unveiled their new 2021 fall TV schedule, which plants FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and the new FBI: International as a Tuesday lineup that promises to promote some fantastic action.

NCIS used to own Tuesdays

From 2004 onward, CBS fans could count on one thing: NCIS on Tuesdays.

That series debuted in a Tuesday timeslot and built itself into one the most highly-rated shows on television. It would anchor a lineup often involving other action shows.

Over the years, NCIS has been a lead-in for The Unit, The Mentalist, and, of course, the spin-off shows Los Angeles and New Orleans.

In 2018, FBI premiered after NCIS and quickly rose in the ratings. The series benefited from NCIS as a lead-in and would create its own spin-off, Most Wanted.

In a surprising move, CBS announced in May that for its 19th season, NCIS would now move to Mondays. This paves the way for FBI to take over for the night with all three shows premiering. 

The premiere dates are set

FBI Most Wanted Cast
Julian McMahon leads the FBI: Most Wanted cast as FBI Agent Jess LaCroix. Pic credit: CBS

The new night kicks off in grand style on September 21st. FBI will take over NCIS’ old timeslot. Most Wanted will follow it.

These will be part of a special three-episode crossover with the premiere of the new FBI International. It appears that the first two episodes lead to the International plotline to anchor the evening.

The following week, September 28th, the schedule shifts as International will follow FBI with Most Wanted closing out the night. 

This is a huge sign of support from CBS to allow one of the hottest nights of the week to be dominated by a single franchise. 

The FBI Universe like One Chicago?

Chicago Med Cast Season 6
Someone new will be roaming around the ED on Chicago Med. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

This is not the first time a network has attempted to make a “block” of a single franchise for one night. CBS themselves have done so by occasionally having all three NCIS shows on a single evening. 

The obvious parallel is NBC’s Chicago series as Fire, PD, and Med all air on Wednesdays. As Dick Wolf produces them, along with the FBI franchise, it’s no wonder he wants to replicate that success.

On Thursdays, NBC will have “Law & Order Night” with SVU, Organized Crime, and the new Trial by Jury spin-off, all sharing the evening. 

NCIS is also going to be the lead-in for the new Hawaii spin-off. It appears CBS wants to use NCIS on a new night to push the latest show while having all the FBI shows on the same evening, making it easier for fans to follow. 

International did just announce its leads in Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, and Vinessa Vidotto cast in unnamed roles. It’s expected more will join the cast as the series is about to begin production in Hungary.

FBI Most Wanted will be moving on without original star Nathaniel Arcand who left in June. Alexa Davalos has just been added as a new cast member. 

With an entire night at its disposal, the FBI franchise looks to blossom even more and perhaps dominate Tuesdays just as NCIS did. 

FBI Season 4, FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 and FBI: International all premiere Tuesday, September 21st on CBS. 

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