Candace Cameron Bure shares pictures from the night she met her husband in 1994

Candace Cameron Bure with her Fuller House co-stars at the People's Choice Awards.
Candace Cameron Bure at an event with her co-stars. Pic credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary to hockey player Valeri Bure. Like other celebrity brides, she posted photos to social media to mark the occasion.

In an Instagram post, Candace Cameron Bure wrote, “June 22nd we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!! 25 years!!”

But only a few days later, the Aurora Teagarden star shared photos of the night she met her husband.

In the accompanying caption, she wrote, “READ first! In light of our 25th wedding anniversary, I did some internet digging. The first photo is the night I was introduced to and met my future husband, Valeri Bure. This photo was taken in 1994 at the Luc Robitaille charity hockey game @dcoulier invited @bobsaget, Lori Loughlin and me to.”

Both Cameron Bure and Coulier, who played her uncle in the TV show Full House, have shared the story in interviews. According to Bure, she had never been to a hockey game before and tagged along with her other co-stars at Coulier’s invitation.

One of the players caught her eye, and when the game finished, Coulier introduced her to him. It turned out Bure was a big fan of Full House. A native of Moscow, he watched the show to help him learn English when he moved to the US to play for the Spokane Chiefs in 1990.

Candace married Valeri in 1996

The two began dating, and in 1996 they were married. They have three children, Natasha, 22, Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19, and continue to share this beautiful life together.

Bonus pictures for Candace Cameron Bure

Though Cameron Bure was familiar with the first photo in her Instagram post, she had never seen the accompanying images. In her caption, she wrote, “Swipe left to the second photo. Look closely. Do you see me and Lori watching the game?! Swipe to the third photo. Centered is a super cute, blonde-haired, extremely talented Russian pro hockey player in the blue helmet talking with his talented super star brother, Pavel. Wow. I’ve never seen photos 2 and 3 before!! Thank you internet for the incredible captured memories!”

She thanked Coulier, Loughlin, and Bob Saget, who played her father on the show.

“Thank you @dcoulier for taking me to my first hockey game. Thank you Lori for being my wing woman and thank you @bobsaget for watching out for me like a dad.”

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