Brittany from Love After Lockup baby: What did she name her little girl?

Brittany during a Love After Lockup confessional
Brittany from Love After Lockup welcomed a baby girl. Pic credit: WEtv

Brittany from Love After Lockup revealed she was pregnant on the show. There had been a lot of speculation about whether or not she was having a baby after a registry for her and Marcelino Santiago was uncovered.

She denied that she was pregnant at one point, likely due to her contract with Love After Lockup. The way the show was edited made the pregnancy seem like it happened later than what was initially expected.

When was Brittany due with her baby?

The baby registry said that Brittany and Marcelino were expecting their baby on December 31. It is unclear if that was her actual due date, though it would be possible if she was released in March and got pregnant immediately.

Amanda, Brittany’s girlfriend in prison, commented about her baby bump when the two met up before she married Marcelino. She was already showing, which means she likely at least passed her first trimester.

Is Brittany’s baby a boy or girl?

Back in the fall, Brittany and Marcelino got married with Love After Lockup cameras rolling. When they were doing the interviews, her son revealed that he was excited to meet his sister.

Obviously, they found out the sex of the baby ahead of time.

More recently, a photo of Brittany with a little girl was dug up online. It appeared that it was her daughter, though she did try and deny it.

At the end of the Love After Lockup Season 2 finale, it was revealed that Brittany and Marcelino welcomed a little girl named Zoila.

Love After Lockup returns in summer 2019 on WEtv.

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