Boston Rob’s fans call claims that he was ‘fooled’ on Deal or No Deal Island a ‘joke’

Boston Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Dr. Stephanie Miller said she duped Boston Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island and fans are not buying it. Pic credit: NBC

Now that Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 is over and the Banker and the season’s winner have been revealed, the exit interviews for the final four are showing up online.

Jordan Fowler won, as revealed in the second part of the finale. Boston Rob, the hands-down fan favorite, was eliminated for what he must think is the silliest reason.

The reality show veteran is so used to the rules of Survivor that you can look at your competitor’s puzzles once they finish, but that is not the case on the Island.

After the “worst episode of the season,” Boston Rob was eliminated because he looked over at Amy’s puzzle and was penalized so much it cost him the game.

Fans were validated in their belief that Howie Mandel was the Banker, and are now clamoring for Boston Rob Mariano to return as the Banker for Season 2.

Dr. Stephanie Miller was eliminated in the finale after Boston Rob. She has been talking smack about Boston Rob, but his fans still have his back.

Fans are calling Stephanie’s claims a ‘joke’

In her exit interview with Jack Vita, Stephanie bragged about besting Boston Rob and could not keep the smugness out of her voice one bit.

She described when she tricked Boston Rob into believing she was facing the Banker instead of another contestant, Nick Grasso. Boston Rob is known for his “buddy system” when you are in an alliance. You stay together and keep people accountable in your alliance.

He also loves to schmoose those who are going to face the Banker. So when Stephanie said it would be her instead of Nick, Boston Rob was glued to her side for the day.

Stephanie said Boston Rob’s “downfall of his own” was losing his “composure when he was bamboozled.” She went as far as to say that Boston Rob was upset that he was “played by the rookies.”

A fan on Reddit commented about the “incredible story about how she fooled” Boston Rob, but some fans do not believe one word.

Fans remark on Stephanie Miller's exit interview
A fan of Deal or No Deal Island shared their thoughts. Pic credit: u/jackvitashow/r/DealorNoDealIsland/Reddit

Some fans are not buying it. One said, “Stephanie duped Rob… the same player who got offended at people playing a game…What a joke!”

Another said, “I don’t know why anyone would trust anything she has to say… She’s proven herself to lie just for the sake of lying. I would only believe that story if there were unedited video proof.”

Boston Rob's fans remark about Stephanie Miller's claims she duped him.
Fans have differing opinions. Pic credit: u/jackvitashow/r/DealorNoDealIsland/Reddit

Boston Rob shares a message for his fans

It was fantastic for reality television survival show fans to see Boston Rob on Deal or No Deal Island Season 1. As disappointed as the fans are that he didn’t win, that cannot compare to how upset Boston Rob was to get that penalty that cost him any chance of winning.

Yet, he is the ultimate game player and posted that he was honored to have the opportunity to be on the show.

Let’s all hope he comes back on television soon!

Deal or No Deal Island aired on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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