Blue Bloods: Which Reagan is getting a new job?

Blue Bloods
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

There’s going to be a big shift for Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods this year. 

In a major sneak peek at Season 13, showrunner Kevin Wade has revealed that Jamie (Will Estes) will be getting a new job in the NYPD.

While Jamie won’t be leaving the force, he will have to change his status in the NYPD, which is needed due to his marriage to Eddie (Vanessa Ray). 

Thanks to a new commander, the husband and wife will still work together only without Jamie in his position as precinct sergeant. 

This comes after some major shifts for both characters in the last few years, so one more big change won’t be different. 

This new change is the first of several for Blue Bloods in Season 13 as the series prepares to show the Reagan clan adjusting to some new times. 

Blue Bloods’ Jamie and Eddie’s job issues

Ever since going from simply partners to lovers, Jamie and Eddie have had to handle the dynamics of being a couple working together on the job. 

When the pair were engaged, Frank (Tom Selleck) pointed out that while they could no longer be partners, there is no NYPD law banning spouses from being in the same precinct.

That was shifted when Jamie was promoted to sergeant while Eddie remained a patrolwoman. Season 12 had Eddie passing the sergeant exam but preferring to be a street cop.

However, talking to TV Line, showrunner Kevin Wade revealed that a new boss is going to dramatically change the couple’s dynamic. 

“It was brought up when Jamie and Eddie got married, that though there is no law on the books, it is against the rule of custom for spouses to work together in a precinct. But they have a new commanding officer this season [Stephanie Kurtzuba as Sgt. McNichols], who as soon as she sees them says, ‘One of you is going to transfer by the end of the day.'”

However, a solution will be found that will change things up.

What is Jamie’s new job on Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods
Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie (Will Estes) are at odds on a family matter on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

According to Wade, McNichols will elevate Jamie to “Field Information Officer for that precinct. That means he’s not in uniform and he’s not at the morning rollout and all that stuff, but it’s a very real job at the NYPD.”

Jamie’s new job will involve looking at an arrested perp and assessing his value as a confidential informer before they’re processed to the D.A.’s office. 

“If he looks like a likely ‘treasure chest,’ the Field Information Officer sits them down and says, ‘I think we can probably cut you a break on this, depending on what you can give us.'” explained Wade. 

This will be a major shift for Jamie, who’s used to handling street crime but not the complexities of this position. His new position is, according to Wade, “an interesting bit of diplomacy and hard-nosed policing, and a fishing expedition.”

Meanwhile, Eddie will also have to adjust to this new dynamic, which means no longer reporting to her husband and freeing herself from being judged by her fellow officers as a Reagan. 

It also erases some of the tension the spouses had with Jamie having to order Eddie on a task as Eddie considers becoming a detective.

This may not be the only big change for the Reagans as Erin is preparing for a run as Manhattan District Attorney.

Seeing Jamie out of uniform will be unusual as he may get too involved in some of the perps he’s trying to flip.

However, this is a significant shift for Jamie and Eddie and promises to kick Season 13 of Blue Bloods off in a great way.

Blue Bloods Season 13 premieres Friday, October 7, at 10/9c on CBS.

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