Blue Bloods: Bridget Moynahan shares a peek of Erin’s new campaign

Blue Bloods
Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Erin Reagan is hitting the campaign trail in Blue Bloods Season 13.

In a new post, Bridget Moynahan promoted how the new season will focus on Erin running for Manhattan District Attorney. 

It’s the culmination of a long-running subplot on the hit series as Erin has finally decided to unseat her demanding boss, Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff). 

The pair’s already tense relationship fell into total disharmony by the end of Season 12, with Erin deciding a change was needed to go for the D.A. slot. 

It promises to be a major storyline for the first half of the season as Crawford will likely fight dirty as Erin wants to run a cleaner campaign.

With production underway for the new year, Moynahan’s post is sparking more excitement for what’s to come in Erin taking on a new job. 

Erin’s quest for D.A. on Blue Bloods

For most of Blue Bloods’ run, Erin has been content in her spot in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. 

While she knows the pressure of being the daughter of the police commissioner, Erin hasn’t been afraid to stand up to her father or brothers on issues of police misconduct. 

This came to the fore in Season 12 when Erin tried to prosecute a murder that her boss, Kimberly Crawford, witnessed as a child. 

The pair had always clashed, with Crawford wrongly believing Erin’s family had helped pull strings for her over the years. 

During the trial, Crawford made it clear she truly believed this was all Erin trying to embarrass her and make her resign so she could become D.A. herself.

Anthony even came up with the idea of Erin running against Crawford, which Erin refused. She knew the media would make hay of the idea of a “Reagan dynasty” controlling both the cops and the courts.

However, the Season 12 finale had Erin realizing Crawford’s policies of letting perps go was causing more harm than good. That was proven when one “minor” offender stabbed a store owner in a later attack.

At the family dinner, Erin announced she was running for D.A. after all and is prepared for a hard fight. 

Moynahan on Erin’s new job

On Tuesday, the actress posted a photo of herself on set bearing an “Erin Reagan for District Attorney” t-shirt.

Moynahan added the tagline, “Do I have your vote?”

Among the replies was co-star Abigail Hawk, who plays Abigail Baker, with “Detective Baker approves!” 

Abigail Hawk's comment
Pic credit: @bridgetmoynahan/Instagram

Erin is fully aware of how difficult this campaign will be as Crawford is likely to play on how this is all some plot against her for the Reagans to dominate New York. 

Erin also knows that if she wins, it’s likely she and Frank (Tom Selleck) will be at odds as the Police Commissioner and D.A. often are. 

But Frank has made it clear he’d only be disappointed in Erin not doing a job to the best of her ability and believes she can pull this off. 

It’s likely the storyline will run to November, when real-life elections occur, although no word on whether or not Erin wins. 

Either way, Moynahan shows the “Erin for D.A.” storyline is going to be a top one when Blue Bloods returns, and fans are excited to see if Erin pulls off the win.

Blue Bloods Season 13 premieres Friday, October 7 at 10/9c on CBS.

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