Blue Bloods: Will Estes talks about Jamie and Eddie as parents

Will Estes
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan faces new challenges in Season 12 of Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Will Estes seems open for Blue Bloods to take some significant new turns

The actor who plays Jamie Reagan on the hit CBS series opened up on what makes the series so great, if Jamie and Eddie are open to children, and how he’d like the series to finally end. 

Jamie’s journey on the show

The pilot of Blue Bloods established how Jamie had been planning to become a lawyer. But after older brother Joe was murdered, Jamie decided to become a cop instead. 

Jamie’s journey on the show has been excellent as he’s gone from a wide-eyed rookie to sergeant, making him a leader of other cops.

In an interview with Looper, Estes touched on what makes Blue Bloods such a hit and why it remains strong after 12 seasons. 

“But I think that what sets us apart from other procedurals is that we’re not really a procedural. We definitely have a lot of procedural elements, but I think we’re a character-driven drama. Our show is more so about how these character’s lives affect their work and how their work affects their personal lives and their inter-familial relationships and friendships.

So, it kind of lives and breathes in that space as a drama, and that’s part of its longevity — that and Tom Selleck as the consummate leader and commissioner and patriarch of the family. I think people want to see Tom, and then we are rounded out by a great cast and great writers and a great crew too.”

While praising his castmates, Estes admitted that the actors don’t get together for meals anywhere near the Reagans’ frequency on the show. 

“We don’t really have time. Everyone sort of has a different schedule. Some of us will go out of town on the weekends to be with family and whatnot. But we have on about three occasions, unless they’re all doing it without me, which is possible. But, as far as I know, it’s not happening on any regular basis.”

Jamie and Eddie ready for parenthood?

Blue Bloods
Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie (Will Estes) are at odds on a family matter on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

A major subject has been if Jamie and his wife Eddie (Vanessa Ray) are ready to be parents. The couple has gone from partners to husband and wife, although this season has touched on Eddie studying for the sergeant’s exam herself. 

So far, both are dedicated to the jobs, yet Estes believes it’s possible the pair might finally handle parenthood. 

“Yeah, I think Jamie could do it. I think Jamie is ready for it. I definitely think Eddie could do it. The trick would be, like a lot of people find these days if everybody’s working, who’s watching the kids? You can obviously hire people and get help. And a lot of people do, but depending on your hours, that can be an intense situation. I know a lot of people find it’s difficult to have a dog holding down a full-time job. So, you know, a kid is the next level, but are the characters ready? Could the characters do it? Absolutely, yeah. I haven’t thought too much more about it, but I think so.”

While it’s unsure if the pair can move to parenthood (they had enough hassles just having Eddie’s ex-con father-in-law living with them for a few days), it would be a major challenge for the pair to handle a kid alongside their careers.

Estes on the show’s ending

Blue Bloods cast
The Blue Bloods cast return for Season 12. Pic credit: CBS

Another subject was the inevitability of Blue Bloods finally ending its run. While the show remains a success, 12 seasons is an eternity in television, and the possibility of cancelation hangs over every season finale of Blue Bloods. 

Estes was frank on how he has considered that question more and hopes that the show has a chance to end on its own terms when it comes. 

“Yeah, I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about it personally, because I’ve been on the show for so long, but I haven’t thought about it much creatively. I don’t know what that will look like creatively. I hope that we have some notice, you know? Donnie said they can’t end the show without saying this is the final season or some version of that. And I think he’s right. I hope we get that warning. We might not.

But, yeah, I hope we know that it’s coming and wrap it up so in some ways it can be like a movie, you want a fitting end to a story. And so I do hope we get a chance to know it’s coming and to wrap things up and watch these characters walk off into the sunset, so to speak, when the show goes down. But maybe it just never will. Maybe we’ll just ride on into the “Law & Order” sunset, you know?”

Fans are hopeful that the endpoint is still a few years away and Estes seems prepared to have Jamie’s amazing journey from street cop to upper brass continue on Blue Bloods for a long time to come. 

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS. 

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