Blue Bloods preview: An old friend needs major help

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Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods has an old friend in danger this week.

This Friday’s episode brings back Callie Thorne as psychic Maggie Gibson. Sadly, this time around, Maggie is the victim of a crime, with Danny trying to help.

Meanwhile, Frank has the difficult task of handling the memorial for a former police commissioner whose legacy is questionable, to say the least. 

Jamie then has his new job causing problems with one of Erin’s cases to set the siblings at odds.

To top it all off, Eddie is a target by, of all people, a former flame of Badillo, which can cause some problems. 

This promises a dramatic hour as Blue Bloods looks like it’ll be a fun episode this week.

How did Blue Bloods do in the rating this week?

Blue Bloods has been aided in the ratings this season by the new drama Fire Country, which is so far the highest-rated new show of the fall season with 5.6 million viewers.

This helped Blue Bloods build up its audience, with Blue Bloods gaining 5.8 million viewers and a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demo.

A big move this week was Jamie gaining a new job working in the intelligence branch of the NYPD. While he and Eddie were briefly worried about it causing tension in their marriage, they agreed to let Jamie take this new position. 

Meanwhile, Erin was upset when Frank refused to endorse her for District Attorney, and Moore warned Frank this could make him look bad. 

As always, there was a method to Frank’s madness, as this meant Erin could criticize the NYPD freely to aid in her campaign. 

While those were good plots to build on the season, this week’s episode shows Jamie’s job will be causing more problems.

What’s coming on Blue Bloods this week?

Ghosted will bring back a familiar face to Blue Bloods fans: Maggie Gibson (Callie Thorne), the psychic who’s helped Danny in a few cases. The pair also had a nice banter and even went on a date

So when Maggie is the victim of an attack, Danny and Baez are obviously eager to hunt down whoever’s behind it. 

Meanwhile, Jamie’s new job is going to cause problems with Erin, while Frank has to handle a memorial for a difficult person.

“Danny and Baez investigate after a vicious attack leaves their mutual friend, Maggie Gibson (Callie Thorne), hospitalized. Also, Frank and the Dream Team debate the appropriate memorial protocol for a former police commissioner with a questionable professional legacy; Jamie begs Erin to release a perp who can lead him to a powerful criminal; and Eddie’s car is vandalized by her partner Badillo’s (Ian Quinlan) ex-girlfriend.”

The promo shows Frank stating that the former commissioner “dishonored the badge.” Yet the fact most of the NYPD will still want to honor him puts Frank in a tricky political position.

A major part of Jamie’s job is that he can’t tell anyone in the family what he does. This will cause problems with Erin as Jamie tries to get a guy released against Erin’s wishes. 

Letting a crook go isn’t a good look for someone running for D.A. This will be Jamie’s first test at his new job. 

Danny and Baez are likely to go all out for Maggie with the question of why someone would attack her. That Maggie seems reluctant to talk may complicate the case.

The plotline of Eddie and Badillo sounds interesting as both might be jarred by his ex thinking they’re a couple and Eddie trying to handle a twisted stalker. 

This promises some good drama to continue another strong season for Blue Bloods. 

Blue Bloods Season 13 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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Mary Parsons
Mary Parsons
1 year ago

I must have been napping! How did Baez get a baby?