Blue Bloods’ Bridget Moynahan returning for Sex and the City revival

Bridget Moynahan
Bridget Moynahan as Natasha in Sex and the City: And So It Begins Pic credit: HBO Max

Blue Bloods fans may be seeing Erin Reagan in an older role once more. 

New images indicate that Bridget Moynahan will be reprising her role as Natasha in the upcoming reboot of the hit 2000s show Sex and the City

While there’s no word on why the character is back, she’s likely to spark new drama on this revival.

Who was Sex and the City’s Natasha?

As SATC fans know, the critical romance of the series was the years-long on and off affair between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and the hunk simply known as Mr. Big (Chris Noth).

A complication was when Big fell for Natasha, played by a then-unknown Moynahan. It seemed to be going okay even though the character felt rather vanilla (she was always dressed in white).

It was clear there were issues as Carrie and Big were soon having an affair. When she found Carrie at her home, Natasha ran in anger only to trip on the stairs for a ghastly mouth injury.

Her final appearance was to calmly berate Big for how their entire marriage was a mistake and that she never wanted to see him again.

The Big-Carrie relationship would finally pay off with them officially becoming a couple in the series finale. They then got married in the 2008 theatrical movie. 

Why is Natasha back in Sex and the City?

Moynahan would bounce around various short-lived TV series before landing the role of Erin on Blue Bloods, which she’s set to play in the upcoming Season 12.

After years of buzz, it was finally announced in early 2021 that a revival of SATC was coming to HBO Max. Titled And So It Begins, Parker will reunite with Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte).

Kim Cattrall, who played outgoing Samantha, declined to return with rumors her character may be deceased when the series begins.

Buzz built this week when onlookers to the New York set spotted Moynahan filming a scene of stepping out of a car and walking into a building. Notable is the character appears to be wearing a wedding ring.

New images have now surfaced of what appears to be Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda looking shocked to see Natasha standing by the window of an apartment building. 

Rumors about the script have said that Carrie worried Big is cheating on her.  Thus, when she spots Big’s ex in town, she’s naturally concerned he’s gone back to his old flame. 

Another theory is that Big has actually passed away, and Carrie is discovering some secrets of his life, which may involve Natasha. 

While there is no official word from HBO on Moynahan’s presence, the on-set photos indicate how Natasha is just one of the many old SATC faces making a return for this new series.

Sex and the City: And So It Begins is scheduled to debut on HBO Max in 2022. Blue Bloods Season 12 premieres at 10 pm EST October 1 on CBS. 

All episodes of Blue Bloods are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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