Big Little Lies awakens fandom for Willie Nelson & Paula Nelson’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Willie Nelson on Big Little Lies soundtrack
Big Little Lies awakens fandom for Willie Nelson & Paula Nelson’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Pic credit: HBO

Big Little Lies has kept fans on the edges of their seats all season, and the finale was no exception. As the consequences of multiple secrets sneak up on the Monterey 5, one can’t help but wonder what will happen to these beloved women?

While the intensity of the lie continues to evolve, the soundtrack to their lives grows more and more intense and popular. The producers of Big Little Lies know how to pull at audiences heartstrings through music.

From the beginning, Big Little Lies has had songs that take viewers on a journey with them, forcing them to feel the emotions of each woman as they deal with the fallout of that one fateful night. And one such classic song touched the hearts of many during last night’s finale.

Willie Nelson on Big Little Lies soundtrack tops charts

Fans only have to look to the top iTunes charts to realize once again Big Little Lies is a massively popular show, and the music choices of the producers are only part of that. According to Headline Planet, Willie Nelson’s remake with daughter Paula Nelson of the popular ditty Have You Ever Seen the Rain? has made it to #8 in the U.S. iTunes sales top of the charts list.

Not only this, it is #4 on the charts related specifically to country music. Have You Ever Seen the Rain was the last note struck on the season finale of Big Little Lies Sunday night, and it was absolutely a powerful one.

The song played over the final moments of the show giving the character’s a somber send-off. Spoiler alert for those who missed it. The episode concluded with the Monterey 5 all uniting to confront their long-gestating secret about the night Perry died. And all of them met at the police station to what can only be assumed as the group turning themselves in.

As frustrating as this conclusion may seem, it’s one that was all the more emotional as the song continued to echo in the ears of all who tuned in to the season finale. And it’s a tune that will play in our heads as we wait on pins and needles to hear whether the show will be renewed for a third season.

Big Little Lies Season 1 and 2 can be streamed in its entirety on HBOGo and HBONow.

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