Big Brother spoilers: A new alliance proposed on live feeds

Christie Murphy Field Trip BB21
Christie Murphy on Big Brother 21 Field Trip. Pic credit: CBS

Some Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds revealed a new alliance that was very close to getting formed late on Wednesday. But there was a lot of drama and anger expressed later in the evening that could change everything.

Heading into the Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (August 15), there are, again, a lot of questions about how the vote is going to go. As a reminder, the Wednesday night episode confirmed that Cliff Hogg and Kathryn Dunn are the final nominees for the week.

A proposal was made to form a new six-person alliance, should Cliff survive the eviction vote. It was also part of a plan to evict Kat and send her to the BB21 jury. The only problem was that Nicole Anthony was caught in the middle.

Big Brother spoilers: A new alliance?

The idea was that Christie, Tommy Bracco, Analyse Talavera, and Nick Maccarone would bring on Cliff and Nicole to form a new alliance in an effort to break up the showmance alliance of Holly Allen and Jackson Michie.

Cliff spoke to Nicole about the new proposed alliance, but it was something that wouldn’t protect Jessica Milagros in the game. Nicole went to Jessica, and Jessica, understandably, spoke to Holly about how she could soon be a target.

In the situation, Michie was going to be the target, but that’s almost as bad to Holly’s personal game as her being targeted for eviction. They saw this possibility coming, which is why Michie and Holly constructed their own plan.

Nicole isn’t sure who she wants to work with for the next few weeks. It basically comes down to picking whether she wants to work with Nick or Michie. That’s two people that were accused of bullying people in the game, with Nicole also getting singled out relentlessly by Nick.

Much like the week that Sam Smith got evicted, there is a lot still up in the air as the big Eviction Ceremony approaches on Thursday night. Stay tuned, because more Big Brother spoilers could follow if the situation becomes clearer.

Big Brother 21 has new episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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