Big Brother sheep controversy: Fans, former houseguests upset with show

Cliff During BB21 POV
Cliff Hogg shown participating in a Big Brother 21 Veto Competition. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother sheep controversy has placed another negative mark on the summer 2019 season. As if the show wasn’t getting enough bad press due to bullying and accusations of racism, now some viewers are claiming animal cruelty has taken place.

During the Wednesday night episode, the latest Veto Competition was finally shown to CBS viewers. It required houseguests to chase sheep around the backyard and collect them to win the Power of Veto. Each of the sheep was wearing a number, so the BB21 cast members had to chase specific ones around a pen.

As seen in the post to Twitter from Paul Abrahamian, he wasn’t really on board with what was taking place during the episode. He wasn’t the only one, as Evel Dick Donato, who is often at odds with Paul on social media, also shared his disdain for what took place during Episode 16.

Below is a scene that took place on the live feeds over the weekend. The BB21 cast played the Veto Competition on Saturday, leading to a lot of chatter taking place before it was shown during a CBS episode.

Fans also upset with Big Brother sheep competition

A lot of fans have been posting on Facebook and Twitter about what took place during the episode, with a number of them even stating they won’t watch the rest of the Big Brother 21 season.

Nick Maccarone was the houseguest who won the POV, which almost seems fitting with how he has been associated with a lot of bullying and negative behavior in the house. He won’t be reunited with Bella Wang yet, as he just guaranteed himself a spot in the BB21 jury.

The next episode of the show is on Thursday night when the cast will choose to evict either Sam Smith or Kathryn Dunn. It’s a pivotal moment in the season, as this is the last houseguest who will fail to make it to the BB21 jury.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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