Big Brother Season 21, Episode 23 recap: Who got sent to BB21 jury?

Jessica And Holly On BB21
Jessica Milagros and Holly Allen hanging out as members of the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Big Brother Season 21, Episode 23 recap comes from the Thursday night installment on CBS. There was a lot of drama to cover, but it was really just going to come down to whether Kathryn Dunn or Cliff Hogg got sent to the BB21 jury house.

A lot of recaps were shown to open the hour, much of which covered what took place during Episode 22 from Wednesday night. That’s when CBS viewers found out that Tommy Bracco won the POV, saved Christie Murphy from the block, and kept Kathryn and Cliff as his nominees for eviction.

Host Julie Chen Moonves tried to prime the audience with all of the drama that had taken place over the past 24 hours and anyone who had been watching the live feeds know that things were chaotic. She also revealed that an Endurance Challenge would decide the next HOH. Monsters & Critics is covering that competition live.

Big Brother Season 21, Episode 23 recap

Nick Maccarone approached Cliff about an alliance that would also include Christie, Tommy, Analyse Talavera, and Nicole Anthony. It was a six-person alliance that could keep them safe for a while. Nick then let Christie know that Cliff was on board.

Cliff loved the deal and went to chat with Nicole about it. She was caught in the middle because she learned that Jessica Milagros was not protected. Nicole is very close to Jessica and she told her that she wasn’t going to be part of a final six. Jessica was not pleased. Nor should she have been.

Big Brother 21 blindside

Jessica went to Kat with all of the new information she had. This was after swearing to Nicole that she was going to keep the information to herself. Jessica then agreed to help blow up Cliff’s game and the Cliff’s Angels alliance. Kat was in tears again.

Kat went to Cliff and told him that she was disappointed in him for making a deal to stay in the BB21 house. He handled it well, as there wasn’t much he could do to save himself other than making a deal like this one. Would it matter when it came down to the Eviction Ceremony?

Jessica wasn’t done, as she then went to Jackson Michie and Holly Allen to share that they also weren’t part of a new six-person alliance. It confirmed the fears that Michie and Holly already had, which is why they have hatched their own plan.

Eviction Ceremony time

Nick voted to evict Kat, Christie also voted against Kat, and Analyse also voted to evict Kat. Nicole voted for Kat, Jessica voted for Cliff, Holly voted for Kat, and Michie also voted for Kat.

By a vote of 6-1, Kat was evicted from the Big Brother house. She only hugged Jessica on her way out the door and was quite frustrated during her chat with Julie Chen Moonves. She now heads to the BB21 jury.

Head of Household Competition

The new HOH will be decided through an Endurance Challenge. It’s going to be a long one, with the results ready to be relayed live to the fans here on Monsters and Critics. A live report is up and running for the Thursday night challenge.

Big Brother CBS episodes air each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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