Big Brother rumors: Penalty vote punishment for Jackson Michie discussed by fans

Jackson And Holly On BB21
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen playing Big Brother 21 during summer 2019. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother rumors on Twitter joke about a penalty vote. Many Facebook users have also posted about a punishment that Jackson Michie may deserve for what he has done in the house.

These fans are referring to several instances where Michie was seen violating the rules of being a Have-Not in the house. No public punishment was ever given by producers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that something isn’t in place.

On Thursday night (August 8), Michie is going to be on the block next to Jack Matthews for an Eviction Ceremony. The possibility is there that he could be sent to join the BB21 jury if things don’t go his way.

What is a penalty vote on Big Brother?

Like several times during past seasons of the show, producers could give a penalty vote to Jackson Michie at the Eviction Ceremony. This could come in the form of an automatic vote against him. It could possibly shake up how things progress during the night.

There has been no real indication that producers are leaning toward enforcing a penalty vote against Jackson Michie, even though he blatantly violated the rules of the game. Still, these Big Brother rumors have been fun for fans to discuss on social media, especially with a big vote coming up.

Regarding that vote between Jack and Michie, there was a plan in place when the live feeds were turned off in the preperation of the August 8 episode.

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