Big Brother nominations: Who was nominated for eviction this week?

Tommy Bracco Thinking On BB21
Tommy Bracco is a member of the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother nominations are in. Tommy Bracco revealed who was nominated for eviction this week in the house and the information has been leaked on the live feeds.

It was on Thursday night that Tommy won the latest Head of Household Competition. He beat out the rest of the remaining BB21 cast in a kayaking challenge. It gave him the chance to avenge his buddy getting evicted.

By a 6-2 vote, Jack Matthews became the first member of the BB21 jury. Jackson Michie survive to fight another day and he doesn’t appear to be one of the targets that Tommy has in his sights this week

In fact, earlier on Friday, Tommy stated that he was targeting Kathryn Dunn for eviction. Cliff Hogg and Kat were his intended nominations, with the possibility of using Nicole Anthony as a replacement if needed.

Who did Tommy nominate for eviction on Big Brother 21?

Late on Friday, the live feeds were finally turned back on and information about the long day of production started getting revealed. Tommy did indeed nominate Cliff and Kat for eviction. They are now on the block along with the last place member of the Field Trip Challenge.

An important Veto Competition is now going to take place on Saturday, with a lot on the line for the participants. Having three nominees on the block will also complicate how the rest of the week goes and it could provide an exciting Eviction Ceremony on August 15.

Big Brother airs on CBS each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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