Big Brother nominations spoilers: Who did new HOH put on the block?

Julie Chen BB21 Host
Julie Chen shown hosting Season 21 of Big Brother. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

New Big Brother nominations have come out on the live feeds today. The ingredients are now there for a really interesting week of the show to play out.

The Camp Comeback twist just came to an end, with Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir, and David Alexander getting evicted from the game for good. It gave Cliff Hogg new life, though, as he got to rejoin the BB21 cast.

The good news for Cliff didn’t end with winning the Camp Comeback Challenge, as he also won the Head of Household Competition in the overnight hours. It all meant he got to choose the nominees this week.

Who did Cliff nominate for eviction?

Cliff Hogg nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie for eviction. This is a bold move by Cliff, as it puts a direct target on one side of the house.

Will people step up to try to save Jack and/or Jackson? Or is this the end of the road for one of them?

It’s very possible that the special Veto power that Christie Murphy has in her possession could get used this week.

It might also lead to Jack using the secret power that he has. While they are still classified as secret powers in the house, there are a lot of other houseguests who also know about them.

As an update, the Nightmare Power that Ovi Kabir had is now extinct after his eviction from the house.

Spoilers from Big Brother live feeds

The Big Brother nominations weren’t the only thing to be revealed to the live feed subscribers on Friday.

Earlier in the day, the first four Have-Nots for the BB21 cast were announced. Those are the unfortunate houseguests who will have to go through pretty severe punishments for the next week.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

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