Big Brother live feeds: Spoilers about Veto Ceremony presented

Big Brother 21 Cast Swimsuit Photo
The Big Brother 21 cast had a lot of very memorable people. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The CBS Big Brother live feeds continue to provide interesting information from inside the house. It indicates that there could be an exciting Veto Ceremony coming up soon.

A lot has happened over the past few days, including the Nomination Ceremony and the Veto Competition. It has led to quite a few Big Brother spoilers, including what might happen at the Week 1 Veto Ceremony.

The next episode on the schedule should be packed with excitement for CBS fans, as producers have a lot of ground and topics to cover. That might even include what some of the houseguests are calling a “hookup” within the BB21 cast.

Big Brother live feeds: Spoilers about Power of Veto

Christie Murphy nominated Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg III for eviction. Then, at the first Veto Competition, Sam Smith won the Power of Veto.

A plan had been in place for Sam to use the Power of Veto and for Christie to name Kemi Fakunle as the replacement nominee. Since the original plan was put in place, at the urging of Jack Matthews, Christie has changed her mind.

Christie would rather have Kathryn go home this week, meaning she would now prefer that Sam does not use the Veto. Other houseguests have discussed putting Jack on the block, but he likely has too many allies to be targeted this early.

The Week 1 Veto Ceremony

It’s starting to be unclear what is going to take place at the Veto Ceremony. Sam continues to speak about using the Power of Veto, even telling Christie that she needs to act shocked if he uses it. That seems like a heavy hint he won’t just pocket the Power of Veto.

The next episode of the show is going to air on Sunday night (June 30), so CBS fans should start seeing what has been taking place behind the scenes. It should be interesting to see which alliances are shown and if the first “showmance” of the season gets a segment.

Big Brother 21 has CBS episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights.

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