Big Brother live feed updates: Holly reveals two-week plan, clowns arrive

Jessica In BB21 House
Jessica Milagros is part of the Big Brother 21 cast during summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother live feed updates provide some new information from the past 24 hours. Holly Allen has a two-week plan she revealed, clowns arrived as part of Prank Week, and the BB21 cast took part in a new Veto Ceremony.

Holly Allen is the Head of Household this week, but she has to share the power, as America voted for Nick Maccarone to be the Big Brother Prankster. Holly nominated Nick for eviction and Nick nominated Christie Murphy.

At the Veto Competition on Saturday, it was Jackson Michie who won the Power of Veto. It kept the power in Holly’s hands, as he is in a showmance with her. Then, at the Veto Ceremony, Jackson decided to not use the POV.

The final nominees for the week are Nick and Christie, meaning one of them is going to the BB21 jury at the next Eviction Ceremony. It has already led to a lot of campaigning by the two of them ahead of the vote.

Big Brother live feed updates: Clowns in my coffee

Nick convinced Nicole Anthony to keep her over Christie, so Nicole went to Holly with his pleas. But Holly wants Nick out right now. While speaking with Nicole, Holly revealed her two-week plan, which caught Nicole off guard.

Holly spoke about getting Nick out this week and then sending Christie to the jury house next week. That’s not how Nicole thought things were going to go, but the news won’t be among the most surprising Big Brother spoilers of this summer revealed to viewers.

Amid all the working for votes, clowns started appearing in the mirrors of the house. Behind the many mirrors are cameras, where production can always see what is going on inside the house. In the past, they have had ghosts show up, but this time they are working with clowns. Sometimes, like below, the houseguests are a tad oblivious.

The clowns should provide for some funny segments during the next two episodes of the show, but for Nick, they are just an annoying distraction as he tried to find a hidden vote of support.

Holly Allen is set on making sure that Nick Maccarone is evicted on Thursday night, despite how hard he is trying to play the guilt card on Tommy Bracco. He likely won’t be pleased during the Big Brother 21 finale, when it is revealed that Tommy and Christie know each other outside of the game.

It’s still just Tuesday, so more Big Brother live feed updates and spoilers could come, especially if there is another twist presented during Prank Week.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.


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