Big Brother live feed update: Veto Ceremony for Nicole’s HOH to be live

Nicole Anthony as HOH in the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

A Big Brother live feed update from this week includes Veto Ceremony news. Nicole Anthony is the Head of Household this week, which already guaranteed her a spot in the final three.

Due to what took place with the Veto Competition, live feed subscribers got to immediately learn who would be joining Nicole in the final three. It had been up in the air a tad because Jackson Michie was playing games again.

When Jackson won the Power of Veto, he started courting thoughts of saving Holly Allen from the block. He wanted to start working on his jury manipulation and hoped Cliff could go to the BB21 jury and say he was voted out by Holly.

What happens at Veto Ceremony? Big Brother live feed updates

Jackson has a chance to take Holly off the block, but nobody actually thinks he was going to follow through with that idea. He will make the smarter move, saving himself from the block on Thursday night.

Nicole, as the HOH, has to name a replacement, so she will put Cliff on the block. At the upcoming Eviction Ceremony, Jackson will be the only one with a vote and he gets to choose between Cliff and Holly.

All of this is going to take place live during the Thursday night episode, allowing viewers to experience a little extra drama. Producers may show some of the footage where Jackson debated what to do in order to increase the intrigue.

Unless something shocking happens over the next day or so, Cliff is about to become the eighth member of the BB21 jury. He won’t have to think about what went wrong for very long, as it will be less than a week between his eviction and the season finale.

Once the BB21 cast is down to its final three people, everyone will take part in the final Head of Household Competition this summer. The winner will get to pick who sits beside them for the jury vote during the finale. That’s where the Big Brother 21 winner will be revealed. But who will it be?

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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