Big Brother fans still getting teased by Julie Chen Moonves on social media

Julie And Nick BB21
Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves and BB21 cast member Nick Maccarone chatting. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother fans are still on edge after host Julie Chen Moonves shared a series of Halloween costumes on social media. Julie spent the week of Halloween sharing images of herself dressed as former houseguests.

Fans thought she was hinting at something taking place this winter — possibly Celebrity Big Brother 3 or an installment of All-Stars to keep fans busy during the offseason. But nothing appeared.

Then, recently, CBS released its winter schedule, without Celebrity Big Brother listed on it. It seemed to indicate that nothing would be happening this winter.

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Suddenly, this week, Julie is back to her tricks. She has made several social media posts, each of which has fans scrambling to figure out what might be happening next.

The social media post below has garnered the most fan responses.

So what is she doing in the post? And why is she holding a notecard like she does during episodes of the show? While some fans began posting about Big Brother rumors again, some weren’t falling for it a second time.

During the offseason for Big Brother, it’s hard not to get excited about any hint provided on social media, even if it is a small one. The past two winters have at least provided CBS viewers with Celebrity Big Brother, so having nothing this winter almost seems odd.

Still, nobody from the production team or from CBS has revealed that the reality competition show will be returning before summer 2020. At least fans can look forward to the next summer of houseguests, but it’s hard to wait until June for that next season to finally begin.

So, is Julie Chen Moonves hinting that there is something coming? Or is she just having fun teasing and trolling fans on social media?

She certainly hasn’t been answering the many questions from fans on Twitter, so it leaves everyone to wonder if all those Big Brother rumors might actually lead to something.

Big Brother should return to CBS for new episodes in summer 2020. 

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