Big Brother 21 Episode 1 recap: Introducing the BB21 cast, summer 2019 host

Big Brother 21 Premiere Photo
Photo from Season 21, Episode 1 of Big Brother 2019. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother 21, Episode 1 recap comes from the June 25 episode of the show. It serves as the season premiere for the summer 2019 season, introducing the BB21 cast to the CBS audience.

This recap will be updated live, as the season premiere takes place on CBS. The first episode of the season is expected to primarily focus on the introduction of the BB21 cast by returning host Julie Chen.

Big Brother Season 21 premiere

The first episode for the summer 2019 season begins at 8/7c on CBS. Sixteen new people are playing the game this summer and it all gets started on a Tuesday night. That’s a shift within the summer 2019 schedule, which fans will want to make sure to keep in mind.

CBS released a sneak peek of the opening night episode earlier in the day. It showcased some of the Day 1 conversations between the BB21 cast members as they enjoyed some champagne.

It’s going to be an exciting night for CBS viewers and long-time Big Brother fans, so make sure to comes by to check out the Big Brother 21, Episode 1 recap as the episode airs on the East Coast.

Big Brother 21 Episode 1 recap

Host Julie Chen opened the show by saying “welcome to Camp BB.” Julie then took the stage to get things started. She also alluded to a game-changing power that would be assigned during the first episode.

Julie also stated that the new season would have twists and turns never seen before. But before getting down to business, it was time to start showing the new houseguests receiving their keys.

Jackson Michie, from Nashville, was one of the first BB21 cast members introduced. Tommy Bracco, Nicole Anthony, Kemi Fakunle, Kathryn Dunn, Ovi Kabir, Holly Allen, and Jack Matthews finished out the first group of houseguests.

Tommy, Jack, Kathryn, and Nicole were the first four through the front door. Tommy is a Broadway dancer who quickly revealed that he felt Jack was really cute. Ovi, Holly, Kemi, and Jackson quickly joined them in the house.

The second group of eight people to be introduced by CBS and Julie Chen were Nick Maccarone, Isabella Wang, David Alexander, Analyse Talavera, Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, and Sam Smith.

The BB21 women

Holly Allen (wine safari guide from Los Angeles)
Nicole Anthony (preschool aide from Long Island)
Kathryn Dunn (digital marketing executive from Dallas)
Kemi Fakunle (marketing strategist from Brooklyn)
Jessica Milagros (model from Illinois)
Christie Murphy (boutique owner from New Jersey)
Analyse Talavera (college soccer star from California)
Isabella Wang (public health analyst from Los Angeles)

The BB21 men

David Alexander (photographer from Atlanta)
Tommy Bracco (Broadway dancer from Staten Island)
Cliff Hogg III (petroleum engineer from Houston)
Ovi Kabir (college student from Tennessee)
Nick Maccarone (therapist from New Jersey)
Jack Matthews (fitness trainer from Florida)
Jackson Michie (server from Los Angeles)
Sam Smith (truck driver from Pennsylvania)

Alliances and Big Brother twists

Jack and Jackson appeared to form a very early bromance for the season. That could easily be a duo that is worth paying attention to this season. Then, Tommy noticed Christie, who he said dated one of his family members for seven years. She dated his aunt. Will they keep this a secret?

Julie Chen called the houseguests to the living room to begin the experience of having the great outdoors, indoors. She also revealed that the 16 houseguests had to decide upon a Camp Director.

The Camp Director would be safe for the first week and would impact the first Head of Household Competition. A lot of secrecy was kept in regard to the role, but people were not allowed to vote for themselves.

Cliff, David, Jessica, and Jackson campaigned for people to vote for them. The women bonded together and a “girl’s alliance” all stated they would work to vote for Jessica. Quickly, though, the women’s alliance fell apart.

Camp Director Vote

Jessica Milagros ended up receiving just four votes, a far cry from the nine she was supposed to receive. Jackson Michie had 10 votes and was named Camp Director.

Julie Chen let Jackson know that he was safe, but that he had to choose four houseguests to banish. Julie said those four people would be out of the game and only three would win their way back into the house. Those people will get revealed later, as Julie said goodnight to the house.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 21, Episode 1 recap. The next episode of the show takes place on Wednesday night (June 26), with another one-hour installment of the program.

Big Brother returns to CBS with new episodes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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