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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Week 7 Power of Veto comp brings back OTEV

Angela laying in the bed in the blue room on Big Brother 20
Angela is on the block this week and it would be very awkward if she was sent to jury with Bayleigh this week

Haleigh is the Head of Household in Week 7 of Big Brother 20 but this is a really big week for outgoing HoH Angela instead. With the second hacker in play, Angela has found herself up on the block against Rockstar with the Power of Veto competition hanging in the balance.

Angela really needs to win the PoV and take herself off the block or she risks being the second member of the jury alongside Bayleigh. Angela has already commented that she cannot be the next BB20 houseguest headed to the jury to spend a week alone with the one person that she sent packing.

This week, the BB20 houseguests will get to experience OTEV, the musical chairs-style elimination game. Let’s hope they’re ready to answer questions and hope not to get eliminated.

OTEV makes an appearance each season on Big Brother, giving houseguests clues. When OTEV says go, the houseguests scramble to find the answer and then return up a ramp to offer it up to OTEV.

The last player to bring back the correct answer in each round is eliminated. The Power of Veto winner will be the person who brings back the correct answer each time and is able to come up with that answer first in the last round.

After the hacker changed up Haleigh’s nominations, Kaycee ended up coming off the block and Rockstar went up. That means Haleigh, Angela and Rockstar are automatically playing in the PoV competition.

Because Kaycee was the hacker, she gets to pick one of the PoV players and she chose Tyler. Kaycee and Fessy were also picked to play this week.

Feeds were down for hours while we waited to see who won the PoV for week 7. Since this was the OTEV comp, it was expected that it would take quite a while and when the feeds went live again, many of the houseguests were clearly not happy.

Haleigh was seen chatting with JC after the OTEV comp and while he praised her gameplay, she was upset that she didn’t win. On another screen, Rockstar could be seen talking about a deal she made with Tyler, hoping that he didn’t screw her over.

It looks like the week 7 PoV went to Tyler, adding to his BB20 wins. With Angela and Rockstar on the block and a promise that he wouldn’t screw Rockstar over, what might Tyler do?

The PoV ceremony takes usually takes place on Monday and we’ll be ready to deliver that Big Brother spoiler to you too.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at9/8c on CBS. 

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