Big Brother 20 spoilers: Jury battle back confirmed by Julie Chen

Some of the Big Brother 20 houseguests
Big Brother 20 is going to have a jury battle back

Big Brother 20 has been full of ups and downs. This has been one of the most unpredictable seasons in a while, something that has been noted by fans on social media over and over again.

Earlier tonight, Scottie was evicted from the Big Brother house. He is the third member to hit the jury house, joining Bayleigh and Rockstar who are already there waiting.

Speculation has been swirling about a double eviction for a while. It is a Big Brother tradition and one of the most anticipated shows of the season along with OTEV and the visit from Zingbot.

While the Head of Household competition was playing out, Julie Chen came back right before Big Brother ended tonight. She announced that there is going to be a jury battle back. One of four members of the jury (the fourth will be determined at next week’s eviction) will get to return to the house.

When Kaitlyn failed to complete the puzzle challenge before being sent home for good, she threw a wrench into the plans Big Brother had. Someone had to return in order for the full schedule to work out. There is speculation that this jury battle back was thrown together in order to complete the number of weeks the show was scheduled to air.

Next Thursday will be an epic night and Big Brother fans are already talking about who will get a chance to come back into the house and stir things up. Level 6 (now 4) has not been kind to the three jury members that are out now, so having one of them return could be bad for them.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.