Austin proposes to Tiffani Chance on Little Women: Dallas

Tiffani's face as Austin proposes on tonight's Little Women: Dallas
Tiffani’s face as Austin proposes on tonight’s Little Women: Dallas

Little Women: Dallas star Tiffani Chance‘s boyfriend Austin Skovran proposes to her on tonight’s episode — after getting her a serious bit of bling.

During the episode Austin invites Bri Barlup to a flower store and reveals the big news saying: “I’m going to propose to Tiff tonight.”

But Bri isn’t sure Tiffani is ready for such a big move, telling him: “That is a really big step!”

The ring Austin buys Tiffani to ask for her hand in marriage
The ring Austin buys Tiffani to ask for her hand in marriage

She adds in an interview with producers: “I hope Tiffani’s prepared for this bomb that he’s about to drop.”

To pop the question he then pulls out all the stops, lining the hallway with rose petals and candles.

He then takes the ring, in a red box, out of his pocket before asking her: “I was just wondering if you would do me the honor and be my wife.”

Watch the moment Austin proposes in the clip below:

Also on this week’s episode, Amanda Loy enters her first Dallas bodybuilding competition, and Asta attempts to flake on her business deal with Emily Fernandez.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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