Amanda Loy suffers breast augmentation surgery complications on Little Women: Dallas

Little Women: Dallas star Amanda Loy faced complications during filming for this week’s back-to-back episodes of the Lifetime show —  after deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The 4ft 2in bodybuilding fan saw her blood pressure “take a dangerous nosedive”, according to the network. This week’s episode also sees Amanda involved in a clash with

Watch the full trailer for Little Women: Dallas Season 2

Watch the full trailer for Little Women: Dallas Season 2 below — and remember, everything is BIGGER in Texas, including the drama. The trailer comes hot on the heels of stars Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup — aka Leftcheek and Rightcheek — releasing the video for their new single Poppin Bottles. The new season sees

Austin proposes to Tiffani Chance on Little Women: Dallas

Little Women: Dallas star Tiffani Chance‘s boyfriend Austin Skovran proposes to her on tonight’s episode — after getting her a serious bit of bling. During the episode Austin invites Bri Barlup to a flower store and reveals the big news saying: “I’m going to propose to Tiff tonight.” But Bri isn’t sure Tiffani is ready for

Tiffani Chance dumps boyfriend Austin on Little Women: Dallas finale

Tiffani Chance sends boyfriend Austin packing on the Little Women: Dallas finale! There have been lots of concerns from friends and family about her settling down with Austin, her high-school sweetheart. And today her dad doesn’t hold back when he confronts Austin over what he’s doing to make money. When Austin tells him he’s “looking

Who is Tiffani Chance on Little Women: Dallas?

One of the new stars of Little Women: Dallas is Tiffani Chance — but who is she? Tiffani is a cheerleader who recently graduated from cosmetology school, where you study things like beauty products, hair, makeup and skincare. She went to Canfield High School where she got into cheerleading before studying at Raphael’s School of