Arrow: Stephen Amell posts Episode 3 wrap video, congratulates Katie Cassidy, teases guest stars and other news

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow on Arrow.
Arrow star Stephen Amell took to social media to talk directly to his fans. Pic credit: The CW

As has become his tradition for the final season of Arrow, star Stephen Amell took to social media following the wrap up of filming on the third episode of the 10-episode eighth season of the series to update his fans.

Amell is counting down the episodes as he goes. Although he cautioned that while there are “3 episodes down and 7 episodes to go” on Arrow’s last season, that doesn’t include the crossover, which he joked is like “11 episodes” (It’s actually five, but considering that’s half of the episodes in Arrow’s final season, it’s a pretty sizable commitment).

Amell goes on to thank co-star Katie Cassidy Rodgers, who has played two different versions of Laurel Lance on Arrow. Cassidy Rodgers directed the third episode, entitled “Leap of Faith.”

Amell praised her work as a director and noted that, even though it was her first episode directing, she did a “really lovely job.” He said she made him want “to deliver a good performance for her.” He concluded that directing is something he believes she’ll do again.

As he did in the video following the end of filming on Episode 2, Amell once again mentioned that the episode contains guest stars that have not yet been announced. Although he did tease, “It’s really good.”

If that weren’t enough of a mystery, Amell also revealed he has some “news to share.” Adding that “I can’t share it just yet.” The only thing he would say is that the news was “exciting.”

Amell concluded the video by thanking fans and saying he’s “really, really, really enjoying myself.”

The first two episodes of Arrow’s final season are already stuffed with returning guest stars. They include Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn, Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase/Prometheus, and Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen in the premiere, and Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana in the second episode.

Two more guests in the third episode continue the final season’s goal of paying homage to Arrow’s past while moving the show’s current story forward.

Even more intriguing is the news Amell teases at the end of the video. Could it be Arrow-related or could it be the announcement of a new role the actor will take on following the end of Arrow? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon!

Arrow’s final season will air on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. The season premieres on October 15.

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