Ana Navarro reveals how she got into a repo nightmare

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro describes her repo nightmare. Pic credit: ABC

Ana Navarro seems to travel and party so much that she rarely stays home. She recently made waves on a Sea-Doo in Panama over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Her friend, Mari Carmon Aponte, invited her to speak to the embassy staff. After her job duties, she also relaxed and shared several videos from the visit on her Instagram.

Ana has shared so much on social media that fans were starting to get sick of her talking about this famous friend or that famous friend and has called her out over it.

Ana has been compared to another The View alum, Meghan McCain, recently over the namedropping of these friends.

She has also been spending a lot of time partying and admitted on Instagram that the police were even called out to her home over the loud music at one specific party.

It was just a matter of time before all this travel and partying caught up with Ana at home.

Ana’s crisscrossing the country left her scrambling once she got home

In the whirlwind that is Ana’s life, she spoke to Brian Teta on his podcast, The View: Behind the Table, about this work/life balance she is seeking.

She began to tell Brain what had happened to her because she had let her mail pile up.

“I throw away a ton of mail,” she began. Ana described her mail as being stacked up six or eight inches high. Brian asked if she went through it or just threw it all away.

Ana admitted to just glancing through, especially if it is from a bank since all her business is online. She told Brian that one notice from a bank caught her eye, and she opened it.

It was from a bank telling her that her car lease had expired and her car would be repoed in 10 days. The letter was dated eight days before, meaning she had two days to settle her debt.

Ana said, “I’m a hot mess!” She described calling the leaseholder, a close friend, on her car and fixing things. She told Brian she asked her friend to help her before she ended up on TMZ.

Then, the following day, she almost had a heart attack when, at 7:30 a.m., she heard the gatebell ring at her home. Thinking they came to repossess her car, she went to answer only to find out she had not paid her water/sewer bill, and they were there to shut it off.

Ana reveals she was surprised her plus-one was invited back to the White House

On the podcast, Ana was excited to go to the White House Christmas party again. Brian had never been invited and was jealous.

Ana shared that her plus-one, businessman Lee Schrager, stole so many White House napkins the previous year that he looked like the Michelin Man coming out.

Lee was kind enough to share a video of them entering the party on his Instagram page.

Lee Schrager and Ana Navarro at the White House.

Several of the ladies were invited to the party. Fans will be excited to hear the stories of the night on the next episode of The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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