Ana Navarro offers shadiest response to The View fan bringing up Meghan McCain

Ana Navarro on The View
Ana Navarro responds to a fan who asks about Meghan McCain. Pic credit: ABC

On The View, Ana Navarro recently commented on people who “peddle on” their family names to gain fame or favor.

It was during a segment about President Joe Biden and the Impeachment Inquiry that is now happening. Ana mentioned that people in Washington use their last names like Hunter Biden did.

Then she mentioned that people who sat at The View’s panelist table had done it. Ana did make sure to clarify that she was not speaking about any current host.

Without Ana saying even one name, Meghan McCain thought she must have meant her and took the fight to X, formerly known as Twitter.

Meghan, a host on The View from 2017-2021, posted on X and threatened to get her lawyers involved.

Ana has not responded to Meghan on social media since she made her blatant insinuations on The View. However, Meghan has made several posts about ABC and The View.

Fan question about Meghan McCain getting savage response from Ana Navarro

Ana has responded to a fan who posted on her Instagram page.

Ana shared a lovely post about her Christmas preparations on Instagram and how she was so relaxed she hadn’t even gotten out of her pajamas that day.

Ana Navarro’s Instagram.

“I love that Meghan McCain is so triggered by Ana’s comments,” wrote a fan.

Ana replied to that fan simply by saying, “Who?” This shady dig will surely return to Meghan, and Ana still can tell she hasn’t acknowledged Meghan.

Another fan, @instajp25, clarified the situation and said, “She didnt even mention her name!”

Fans post on Ana Navarro's Instagram posting.
Fans post on Ana Navarro’s Instagram posting. Pic credit: @angel_wing_traveller/@ananavarrofl/@instajp25/Instagram

Meghan McCain declares she doesn’t watch The View

Meghan was recently invited on The Janice Dean Podcast for an episode titled, Meghan McCain is a Voice for the Voiceless. The host, Janice Dean, called Meghan “fearless” in a “toxic environment.”

Janice said she aspired to be on The View as a child but commented how “unwatchable The View is now.”

Meghan said of her time on The View as a time when she was “losing her mind,” and a lot was happening in her home life with her father, Senator John McCain, dying and her fertility issues.

She called The View a “hostile work environment” and said, “I don’t watch it.”

She also said that exiting The View felt like leaving a “cult.” Meghan vehemently said, “I hate it.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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