Ana Navarro calls Sunny Hostin ‘Trumpish’ over this detail

Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin on The View
Ana Navarro calls Sunny Hostin ‘Trumpish’ over her Christmas tree choice. Pic credit: ABC

Ana Navarro and her co-hosts on The View have weird relationships with each other.

She does not socialize with them, as she has proven in the past. She will post photos of parties, concerts, and trips on her Instagram, and not one of the other ladies will be there.

She has also messaged Joy Behar during a live taping of the show to tell her how awful her outfit looked.

Joy Behar called it “trolling” behavior. Ana had told Joy her pants were too high, and she looked like the nerd Urkel from Family Matters.

But also, she teases in a fun way with the ladies. After her holiday in Panama, Sunny Hostin was having a fun moment with her and said that if Ana were younger, she should date her son.

If a mother thinks you would be suitable for her child to date, then you cannot be all bad, one would assume.

But today, Ana called Sunny “Trumpish” over her choice of Christmas decorations. And it did not seem like a compliment, especially since Ana does not care for Donald Trump or his politics.

Whoopi asks the ladies about their Christmas traditions

Whoopi asked the ladies about their Christmas traditions and whether they were doing anything new.

Sunny took the floor and said she had a “Scandal in the Hostin household.” Whoopi shot back, “Another one? You all are scandal-filled.”

She started to describe a gold Christmas tree that she bought this year. She was trying to be eco-friendly and fell in love with a gold-color tree. She called it “fabulous,” and then Ana said snidely, “How Trumpish!” She called out the gold tree and former president Donald Trump’s penchant for gold in his homes.

Sunny later shared with Brian Teta on the podcast, The View: Behind the Table, that it is a nine-foot-tall “statement piece” of a tree.

The ladies all had a good laugh and continued the discussion. The entire clip can be found below.

The View’s YouTube channel.

Whoopi shows off her own Funko Pop, and fans love it

Whoopi shares all sorts of fun toys on her Instagram page. For the past few days, it has been talking cacti that mimic whatever you say. Today, she shared a Funko Pop made in her image. It is unknown if they will be for sale to the public or if it is a one-of-a-kind model.

But either way, her fans are loving it.

One fan, @samelevatedpiercing, said, “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT.”

@theorganizedconfusionshow said, “Get it Funko Whoop.”

Another, @tamieuscongress, said, “I love it Whoopi! How exciting!”

Fans of Whoopi Goldberg on Instagram
Fans love Whoopi’s Funko Pop. Pic credit: @samelevatedpiercing/@theorganizedconfusionshow/@tamieuscongress/Instagram

Fans cannot wait to see what Whoopi will share on Instagram next.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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