Amy Robach reacts to ‘hateful’ comments about her appearance and suggesting she’s an ‘alcoholic’

amy robach face shot from gma3 episode in 2022
Amy Robach discussed some of the mean comments she’d seen about herself online. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach admitted she had a tough night sleeping after seeing some critical and “hateful” comments about her online.

Robach, a former co-host and anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America and GMA 3, lost her job in 2023 along with T.J. Holmes.

At the time, the couple had made headlines due to what some considered a scandalous affair due to them each having spouses.

They’ve since finalized divorces from those spouses and have continued dating.

The couple also premiered their Amy & T.J. Podcast on iHeartRadio this past December.

On the podcast, they discuss various subjects, including their personal lives and topics that caught their attention, such as a former colleague’s recent firing.

During a recent episode, Robach brought up the mean comments she’d read about her on an Instagram post for their podcast.

Robach brings up ‘hateful’ comments she saw about her appearance

“I was looking at our Amy & T.J. Instagram feed, just to see how we were doing,” Robach shared, adding, “I don’t usually look at comments about my appearance.”

She mentioned seeing some “really hateful comments about how I look,” piquing Holmes’s curiosity to ask what she meant.

“That I’ve aged tremendously. That they can tell I’m an alcoholic because my face is all puffy and my eyes are swollen,” Robach shared regarding critical remarks she’d seen.

“I started reading it, and it kept me up. It kept me up, and I had a hard time going to sleep. I thought, ‘Why am I looking at this?’ she said during the podcast.

Holmes said he’s at a point where he’s shied away from reading social media comments due to how impactful it can be on someone’s mental health as they navigate life.

“We expect criticism. We get it. But there’s a difference between criticizing [such as] ‘I didn’t like how you did this interview’ or ‘Why didn’t you ask about that?’ versus ‘You’re an idiot,’” he explained on the podcast.

“I think people just need to realize it hurts. I’ll get over it, and I’ll be fine,” Robach said, adding, “It really affects people…I just wish people could be kinder and keep your negative thoughts to yourself.”

“There’s a difference between criticism and hate. Between critique and bullying,” Holmes added.

Critics suggested Robach is battling ‘alcoholism’

The comments Robach referenced on her podcast arrived on several clips posted to the @amyandtjpodcast Instagram profile earlier this week.

“Amy has aged a lot since she decided to lead a life of infidelity,” one individual wrote in the comment section.

amyandtjpodcast instagram Screenshot shows critical comment saying amy robach is aging
Pic credit: @amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

Another commenter expressed concern for Robach, suggesting her “puffy face & eyes are such examples of alcoholism.”

“I know I lived with one my whole childhood. You have all@the signs. It’s sad. I am truly not try to be rude but I pray you address this dependency,” the commenter said.

Another said that Amy looked “tired” and asked, “How are you and TJ doing with alcohol?”

“Amy doesn’t look well, she needs to get help,” a commenter wrote.

screenshot of critical comments from amy and tj podcast instagram post
Pic credit: @amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

Robach and Holmes talked about their ‘heavy’ drinking before

Earlier this year, the couple admitted on a podcast episode that they’d been “heavy” drinkers as they talked about their use of alcohol over at least the past 10 years.

In that episode, they indicated they would have a Dry January and were already seeing benefits for their physical and mental health.

During that January podcast episode, Holmes claimed he’d once had as many as 18 drinks a day. He admitted he was now at a point where alcohol wasn’t “part of [his] life” anymore.

Robach said she averaged 15 to 20 drinks per week, but her remarks about her drinking situation differed from Holmes.

“I don’t know if I would have felt comfortable, or I would have felt brave enough to say, I am 100% going cold turkey this month, if you hadn’t said I’m doing it and we can do it together,” she said.

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Leslie Holt
Leslie Holt
13 days ago

I still love them both,you can’t help who your heart falls in love with.

Diane Lovin
Diane Lovin
9 days ago
Reply to  Leslie Holt

I really liked your show.. I wasn’t so upset about your private life to me that’s your business.. I miss you and I don’t what that time spot anymore..Amy you are still a beautiful lady Wishing you both great success with your podcast..People need to love more & stop criticizing others so much ..May God bless you both..♥️♥️