Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes react to Rob Marciano’s ‘tough’ firing from ABC News

tj holmes and amy robach face shots from podcast clip on instagram
TJ Holmes and Amy Robach shared thoughts about their former colleague Rob Marciano. Pic credit: @amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes admitted they “know how it feels” for their former colleague Rob Marciano to lose his job at ABC and have rumors “upend” their lives.

The couple opened up on their podcast about the World News Tonight and GMA weatherman’s firing, discussing the recent story that made headlines.

During their podcast, the couple shared what they knew of Marciano from working with him and mentioned there were “sketchy” details related to what they’d seen about his firing.

They also indicated that they “walked down that road” before, referring to their situation at ABC News over a year ago.

Robach and Holmes co-hosted ABC’s GMA3 but were terminated by the network in early 2023 after they made headlines for what some deemed a scandalous affair, as they each had spouses.

They’ve discussed aspects of their relationship and terminations following the debut of their iHeartRadio podcast last December. This week, the couple spent some time commenting on Marciano’s ABC News situation in a new episode.

Holmes and Robach comment on Marciano’s ‘tough situation’

During Friday’s Amy & T.J. Podcast, the couple discussed former colleague Rob Marciano’s ABC News firing.

Holmes said he wouldn’t share details of the reports circulating about Marciano no longer working there, as listeners could read for themselves. He also said they’d just been with someone the other day who reminded them that “nobody leaves ABC in a pretty fashion.”

“It’s a tough situation,” Robach said, adding, “Yes, we have walked down that road. It’s not an easy one.”

Robach said she thought Marciano “might still be going through a divorce” and that she and Holmes “know what it’s like to have your entire life upended- career and personal life.”

The former anchors said they’ve known Marciano for a while, and Holmes mentioned that he worked with him at CNN before ABC News.

“He is one of the best guys I’ve ever seen in the field covering weather,” Holmes said of Marciano, adding that the meteorologist’s phone is probably full of messages complimenting him over the past 10 years.

Holmes brought up ‘sketchy’ details of Marciano’s firing

“We don’t know all the details, and obviously some of them out there are sketchy and salacious,” Holmes commented on the podcast, calling them “tabloid-type clickable headline stuff.”

He stated that their remarks weren’t a “defense” of anything Marciano “has or hasn’t done.”

Monsters and Critics reported about Marciano’s ABC News firing this week, including potential details reported about a clash with a fellow meteorologist there. There may have been a “screaming match” between Marciano and his colleague, resulting in his termination.

Reports earlier this week cited unnamed insiders who said there were “multiple complaints” against Marciano and that he had “anger management issues,” possibly related to going through a divorce.

“Whatever it is, we hate to see someone that’s been a friend and colleague end up in this place, this position, to be talked about the way he’s being talked about to some degree,” Holmes said, calling it “a weird statement to get just yesterday.”

Robach added that they “know what it’s like to have those headlines” and “be the subject of clickbait” gossip reports online.

“I know how much how loves his kids. He talks about them all the time,” Robach said, adding, “Our heart goes out to him.”

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