Amy Robach has her name dropped from planned TV comeback show

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Amy Robach’s originally planned show on NewsNation was scrapped with another show replacing it. Pic credit: ©

Amy Robach is ready for a television comeback following her firing from ABC due to an affair with her co-host, TJ Holmes.

She and Holmes had been primarily out of the spotlight as far as career news recently, although Holmes, 45, teased he might have found a new job.

They also seem to have continued their relationship after their termination, as the GMA3 co-hosts made it official on social media not long ago.

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Initially, Robach, 50, would reportedly head a program on a newer cable network with her name featured in the show’s title.

However, her TV comeback has recently encountered a change, as that show was dropped, per recent reports.

Now, other individuals will appear with her in a newly announced program set to appear on the NewsNation cable network.

Amy Robach’s NewsNation comeback show scrapped?

In an exclusive report via Daily Mail, former ABC GMA co-host Amy Robach was to appear on a NewsNation show called Robach & Co., but that has been scrapped.

Instead, she’ll appear on the show replacing it, called On the Record. She’ll be the principal anchor for this show even without her name in the title, per Daily Mail.

Reportedly, the news program will air once weekly, featuring a “rotating panel of co-hosts” along with Robach. This is due to NewsNation wanting “less individualization” for On The Record.

As of this writing, the names of those other co-hosts have yet to be revealed. However, some other individuals on the network include former Fox News commentator Chris Stirewalt and former CNN commentator Chris Cuomo. Both individuals were terminated from their respective networks for different reasons.

In addition, Dan Abrams, Ashleigh Banfield, and Elizabeth Vargas are all hosts on the channel.

Nexstar Media Group owns the Chicago-based NewsNation, which was previously known as Superstation WGN before becoming WGN America. In 2021, it relaunched as a 24-hour news channel. It currently airs opinion shows during primetime.

The network website’s About page indicates it is “America’s source for engaging and unbiased news, which reflects the full range of perspectives across the country.”

Some were critical of NewsNation adding Robach

The news that Robach was joining NewsNation also received some backlash. Daily Mail said sources indicated some people at the network felt the hirings of Cuomo, Stirewalt, and Robach made the channel a “dumping ground” for individuals fired from other networks.

“There is no doubt that Amy is talented,” one source said, adding that “the general feeling in the building is that she has too much baggage and the company should be going after talent who have not been fired from other networks.”

Initially, Robach’s former GMA3 co-host and current lover, TJ Holmes, was set to join the channel as her co-host again. Talks of them joining the channel arrived soon after they were fired from ABC.

However, Holmes was dropped from the discussion with the focus put on Robach for her own show, which has now changed.

Holmes recently shared on social media that he was on a “#newmorningcommute” showing the front part of a bike he was riding. However, he didn’t elaborate if that was a commute for a new job. There could be news about Holmes’ latest career move on the way.

Meanwhile, it’s believed Robach’s addition to NewsNation is part of their attempt to gain more viewers in the competition with rival news networks CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Reports suggested that Robach signed a one-million-dollar deal to appear on the channel, bringing her name to the network even if it’s not featured in her show’s title.

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Sala Magundhi
Sala Magundhi
2 months ago

Even her name is highly toxic now. She’ll be sleeping with her bud Michael Corn to keep her job.