America’s Got Talent recap: Judge Cuts 3, features Ellie Kemper Golden Buzzer

Ellie Kemper On AGT
Ellie Kemper guest-judged on America’s Got Talent for summer 2019 season. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The America’s Got Talent recap from July 30 covers Judge Cuts 3 and features Ellie Kemper as a guest judge. Ellie also received a Golden Buzzer and gave it out to one of the acts advancing to the quarterfinals.

During the first Judge Cuts, Sophie Pecora (singing), Chris Klafford (singing), The Messoudi Brothers (acrobatics), Emerald Belles (dancing), Berywam (beatboxing), Lukas & Falco (dogs), and the Ndlovu Youth Choir (singing) advanced.

Last week, during Judge Cuts 2, Alex Dowis (painter), Bir Khalsa (danger), Dom Chambers (magic), GFORCE (singing), Robert Finley (singer), Ryan Niemiller (comedian) and V. Unbeatable (stunt dancing) advanced.

America’s Got Talent recap: Judge Cuts 3 on July 30

Seven more acts advance to the quarterfinals from Judge Cuts 3. Ellie Kemper was on hand to give out another Golden Buzzer and the other six slots would be decided on as a group.

Who was Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer act?

Midway through the show, the updated version of Light Balance took the stage. This group of kids is called Light Balance Kids and they all grew up in Ukraine. Some of them had to leave family members behind to come to America.

Light Balance Kids advanced through the first stage very easily and the unanimous vote from the judges put them in this round. Taking the stage in front of Ellie Kemper was the perfect scenario for the group.

Their full performance can be seen below.

Which AGT acts advanced during Judge Cuts 3?

Joining Light Balance Kids in the quarterfinals are MacKenzie (singer), Nick and Lindsay (opera singer/danger act), Marcin Patrzalek (guitarist), Gonzo (tambourine player), Carmen Carter (singer), and Greg Morton (comedian).

Who was eliminated on AGT Judge Cuts 3?

The acts that were eliminated on July 30 were Nicholas Wallace (illusionist), Ray Underwood & Magic (dog act), Revolution (dancing), Jacob Norton (singing), Patrizio Ratto (pianist/dancing), Ansley Burns (singing), Andrei & Alexander (acrobatics), Duo Maintenant (acrobatics), Edson & Leon (acrobatics), and Melissa Arleth (rats).

America’s Got Talents airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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