American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy wants fans to vote on the next theme

Ryan Murphy attends FX's "American Horror Story: Freak Show" Premiere Screening held at the TCL Chinese Theatre
Ryan Murphy is the creator of FX’s American Horror Story. Pic credit: ©

While many viewers are desperate to learn of the premiere date for Season 10 of American Horror Story, there is now officially something else to think about — what you would like the next theme to be.

Every season of AHS has a definite theme that is announced well before each instalment of the anthology series drops. This gives viewers a chance to get a feel for what’s coming next, as well as plenty of time to develop theories.

Normally, Ryan Murphy, who is the creator of American Horror Story, decides the theme. This time, though, he asked dedicated fans on Twitter which theme they would like to see next.

While Murphy asked fans to vote on specific themes they are interested in, he hasn’t actually stated what he could use these themes for. Most fans assume it is for upcoming seasons of AHS.

He used the hashtags associated with the original series and none specifically for spinoffs. So, make of that what you will.

Four themes to choose from

“It’s down to FOUR stories. Let me know which ONE is your favorite by using a hashtag from the below list,” Murphy wrote in the tweet before revealing the themes via hashtags.

Essentially, viewers can select from Aliens, Bloody Mary, Sirens, and Plague.

According to The Brag, this tweet follows an earlier one that also included two other options — X-Mas Horror and Piggy Man — both since eliminated.

At the end of the tweet, he then declared that the American Horror Story universe “is expanding,” giving rise to the suggestion that this poll may have nothing to do with the original AHS universe but something new.

And, considering that an announcement last year regarded a spinoff called American Horror Stories, it seems possible this is what Murphy was referring to even though he used the traditional hashtags for the original series.

American Horror Story was renewed through to Season 13

Initially, some fans thought the upcoming Season 10 of AHS would be the show’s last instalment. However, according to TV Line, FX renewed American Horror Story for Seasons 11, 12, and 13.

This has given the series further space to inhabit, and this could be what Murphy meant when asking fans for their input regarding what comes next.

However, it seems likely viewers will have to wait a little longer to find out exactly what he meant by this tweet and whether they had input into future seasons.

Season 10 of American Horror Story is expected to premiere later in 2021.

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