American Horror Stories: New theory suggests Violet is the Rubber Woman in the latest trailer

Taissa Farmiga stars as Violet in American Horror Story
Taissa Farmiga stars as Violet in American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

We know very little about FX’s upcoming new series, American Horror Stories.

Set in the same universe as the original anthology series, American Horror Story, Stories will reveal a self-contained story in each episode rather than spanning an entire season.

While there hasn’t been a lot revealed regarding actual content, Stories will tell various “horror myths, legends, and lore,” according to the series creator, Ryan Murphy.

Along with this, FX released a new poster as well as a short teaser trailer.

And, because of this, a new theory has developed linking American Horror Stories back to the first season of AHS.

New artwork reveals Murder House and Rubber Woman

Most notably in the teasers for the first season of American Horror Stories is some familiar content from Season 1 of AHS.

The first instalment was Murder House and told the story of a house with a grizzly past — and present.

Along with the vision of the house in the poster for Stories, it also showed a woman in a latex suit. In Season 1 of American Horror Story, a man in a very similar suit appeared named Rubber Man.

The new theory suggested by CBR is that the woman in the familiar suit is Violet (Taissa Farmiga), another character who appeared in the Murder House season.

In season 1 of AHS, Violet became involved with Tate (Evan Peters) who often donned the Rubber man suit and persona for nefarious reasons. By the end of the season, Violet discovered this and refused to speak to Tate ever again.

Because of this, Violet remains intrinsically tied up with the Rubber Man storyline so it makes sense for American Horror Stories to explore this.

Season 1 poster for FX's American Horror Stories
Season 1 poster for American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

Familiar faces will feature in American Horror Stories

According to IMDb, some actors will make the crossover from Story to Stories, so Taissa Farmiga could show up.

Naomi Grossman and Billie Lourd are currently unnamed characters in the new series. Charles Melton and Chad James Buchanan, who both previously had small parts in AHS will appear in the spinoff.

IMDb’s current cast listing is not likely an expansive list, so it is possible that some actors have not yet been credited.

In particular, Farmiga’s name is not there, so one could assume she is not among the line-up. However, it is also possible that FX withheld her name to keep the reveal a surprise.

Of course, viewers will probably have to wait until American Horror Stories airs in order to find out who is in the Rubber Woman suit. And, luckily, that isn’t that far away.

American Horror Stories will debut on FX on Hulu from July 15.

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