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American Gods Season 3 trailer released ahead of season premiere

American Gods Season 3 trailer released
American Gods Season 3 poster. Pic credit: Starz

American Gods Season 3 is coming first thing in 2021 and now there is a trailer to let fans know what they can expect from the new season.

After a second season that was hugely disappointing, the third season appears to have gone more smoothly, with one showrunner lasting to the end, whereas the second season constantly bounced between showrunners.

Charles Eglee (The Shield, Dexter) is the new showrunner for Season 3.

So, how did the American Gods Season 3 trailer look?

It was crazy, and that is what fans of the Neil Gaiman adaptation want.

American Gods Season 3 trailer

First, props to Starz for using a remake of the Frank Sinatra song “My Way” for the trailer. It really works, especially considering Shadow’s conflict of faith in the new season.

However, what works the best is that the third season seems to be going back to what made the first season such an amazing production. The colors, the visuals, the effects, the creatures, the gods, and everything in between looks simply fantastic.

It also looks like the show will return to showing scenes from the stories of the old gods, which in some cases, were even more fantastical and interesting than the main running storyline in the first season of the show.

Season 3 will also see Shadow (Ricky Whittle) go to Lakeside, which was an important part of the middle of the Gaiman novel, a location with a mystery that is separate from the main action.

However, there is also a good look at the ongoing and escalating war between the New Gods of Technology and the World battling the Old Gods, including Wednesday’s Odin (Ian McShane). Shadow also seems wary of Wednesday, for good reason, and Laura (Emily Browning) wants to kill the old god.

There is also a good look at newcomers, including Marilyn Manson’s Viking rock star Johan Wengren, Blythe Danner’s Greek goddess Demeter, Iwan Rheon’s leprechaun Liam Doyle, and Danny Trejo showing up as a new disguise for Crispen Glover’s Mr. World.

For Lakeside, the new actors include Julia Sweeney as Hinzelmann and Eric Johnson as police chief Chad Mulligan.

American Gods Season 3 premiere

As mentioned, the American Gods Season 3 premiere takes place at the start of 2021.

The exact date is Sunday night, January 10, on Starz. It will then air weekly with 10 more episodes, and the season finale is scheduled for March 14.

American Gods Season 3 premieres on STARZ on Sunday, January 10.