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Orlando Jones claims American Gods showrunner and Fremantle fired him for sending ‘wrong message’ to Black America

Orlando Jones claims American Gods showrunner, Freemantle fired him for sending 'wrong message' to Black America
Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy on American Gods. Pic credit: Starz

On American Gods, Orlando Jones became one of the most popular characters on the show as the angry god, Mr. Nancy. However, he is now gone and Jones is speaking out about his firing from the show.

When talking about the fact that the show removed him as Mr. Nancy, Jones said that the orders came down from new showrunner Chris Eglee.

Jones created a video and posted it on Facebook where he explained his side of the story.

In the video, Jones said that Eglee, a white Yale-educated filmmaker, felt that “Mr. Nancy’s angry, get s— done is the wrong message for black America.”

He went on to say that Eglee possibly feared that people would see the angry god Mr. Nancy and “start a Denmark Vesey uprising in the country.”

This is crazy since Mr. Nancy was so popular in the Neil Gaiman books that influenced the Starz television show that Gaiman wrote a spin-off novel called Anansi Boys, which followed the character’s two sons after his death.

As for Gaiman, Jones has no qualms and publically thanked him for “allowing me to play this role, for writing this wonderful book, for opening the door for me to become a writer-producer on Season 2 of American Gods.”

He also thanked Season 1 showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and then said this was really all about the fans, who he hoped loved the characters much as he loved portraying him.

As for Jones’ real target, he took aim at production company Fremantle. He also tagged four other stars in his tweet who have also had problems with Fremantle recently — Gabrielle Union, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, and Mel B.

“Fremantle is a nightmare. They treated you like a 2nd class citizen for doing your job well. Stay tuned. More to come.”

Gabrielle Union responded to him with: “let’s chat my friend.”

Fremantle co-produces America’s Got Talent and recently fired Union for making critical comments about off-color remarks by co-workers and uncomfortable working conditions on the show leading to a toxic working environment.

The third season of American Gods is coming to Starz in 2020, although the second season was a critical disappointment due to a lack of clear direction after Fremantle let Fuller and Green go from their showrunner duties.

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