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American Gods Episode 6 recap: Wednesday and the Fire God

Corbin Bernson at a funeral march as the Roman God of Fire Vulcan

American Gods Episode 6 starts with a group of Mexicans sneaking across the border into America.

One of them nearly downs in the water but is saved by Jesus.

Their crossing is short-lived, though, as they are gunned down by mysterious gunmen who also seemingly kill Jesus.

The scene ends with Jesus on his back lying in a crucifix form.

Shadow Moon and Wednesday

After having escaped the police station in last week’s episode, Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday are walking back to the motel.

During the walk Shadow questions Wednesday about what happened at the station — specifically the tree that seemed to sprout out of nowhere and kill every officer.

Wednesday is kind of not committing to the conversation, even though it is becoming apparent to him that Shadow is beginning to open his mind to possibilities.

As they get to the motel and get in the car and begin their journey, Shadow reveals that he has been injured, which forces Wednesday to stop.

It appears that some of the tree from the police station had broken up and tried to get to Shadow Moon.

Wednesday has to perform some surgery of sorts by the roadside to get the tree fragment out of his companion.

In search of resurrection — and a jinn

Mad Sweeney and Laura Moon broker a deal

Having just missed Shadow and Wednesday, Laura Moon is trying to find out what happened to her car.

When she learns that the police took it away, it really makes her day.

While speaking to the motel desk clerk she is interrupted by Mad Sweeney the leprechuan who brokers a deal with her.

Sweeney mentions in passing that he is connected to Jesus and knows a few gods that know a thing or two about resurrection.

They plan to head off together so Laura can be truly resurrected, and Sweeney can get his coin back.

To this end the two proceed to steal a taxi, but they get interrupted by the driver Salim who is looking for the Jinn that he had met in episode three.

The three then set off together.

Betrayal Of a God

Vulcan and Wednesday reconnect

After having been on the road for a while, Wednesday and a recovered Shadow stop off in the town of Vulcan, which happens to have a big industrial weapons factory smack bang in the middle, run by…the Roman God of Fire Vulcan.

At first Vulcan is welcoming and accommodating to Wednesday, but not so much towards Shadow who he torments with the visual of a hanging noose from a tree in his garden.

Vulcan tells Wednesday of his scheme, which basically sees humans being sacrificed to him via the means of industrial accidents and loose railings.

He also tells Wednesday that he is a franchise, which doesn’t impress the old God.

Nevertheless, Wednesday plays his poker face and asks Vulcan to make him a sword for the coming war with the New Gods.

Vulcan, having had his ego well and truly stoked, agrees and makes one of the finest swords you’d ever see.

While Vulcan is creating the sword, Shadow asks Wednesday how Vulcan seemed to know that he’d been lynched. Wednesday again does not commit.

After some time Wednesday goes to get the sword from Vulcan who now reveals himself to be under the influence of the New Gods and starts to preach their mantra.

Wednesday takes the sword at this point and beheads the Old God, his body and decapitated head falling into the hot, melted steel.

Shadow is somewhat freaked out by the whole incident, but continues to follow Wednesday as he leaves.

The episode ends as Salim, Sweeney and Laura take a brief break for prayer before resuming their journey.

American Gods airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz. 

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