American Gods episode 8 recap: War is declared

The season one finale of American Gods sees a series of revelations happen, so lets get to it. A Cautionary Tale The episode kicks off with Mr Wednesday and Shadow Moon visiting Mr Nancy to have new suits made. Wednesday is looking to make a good impression on Easter, the goddess of spring. While they wait,

American Gods Episode 6 recap: Wednesday and the Fire God

American Gods Episode 6 starts with a group of Mexicans sneaking across the border into America. One of them nearly downs in the water but is saved by Jesus. Their crossing is short-lived, though, as they are gunned down by mysterious gunmen who also seemingly kill Jesus. The scene ends with Jesus on his back

American Gods Episode 5 recap: The introduction of Mr World

Episode 5 of American Gods starts off with the story of the medicine woman Atsula. She is told by her god that a great evil would kill all her people. We then witness her death by what looks like a weird buffalo. Shadow and Laura reunite Picking up from where the Git Gone episode left off, we


American Gods recap: Shadow Moon hits the road with Wednesday in Episode 1

This first episode of American Gods introduces us to Shadow Moon, whose world has figuratively and literally been torn asunder. We start off with a story from the past, in which a crew of vikings land on the shores of the New World. But they find that they our not welcomed and pray to their

Who is Ian McShane, actor who plays Mr. Wednesday on American Gods?

American Gods is finally here — with British actor Ian McShane as the enigmatically charming Mr. Wednesday. McShane is instantly recognisable to many, with a body of work that dates back to the 1960s. But what have you seen him in? McShane is the son of Manchester United soccer player Harry McShane, who was a winger for the iconic