American Gods Episode 6 recap: Wednesday and the Fire God

American Gods Episode 6 starts with a group of Mexicans sneaking across the border into America. One of them nearly downs in the water but is saved by Jesus. Their crossing is short-lived, though, as they are gunned down by mysterious gunmen who also seemingly kill Jesus. The scene ends with Jesus on his back

American Gods Episode 5 recap: The introduction of Mr World

Episode 5 of American Gods starts off with the story of the medicine woman Atsula. She is told by her god that a great evil would kill all her people. We then witness her death by what looks like a weird buffalo. Shadow and Laura reunite Picking up from where the Git Gone episode left off, we


American Gods recap: Shadow Moon hits the road with Wednesday in Episode 1

This first episode of American Gods introduces us to Shadow Moon, whose world has figuratively and literally been torn asunder. We start off with a story from the past, in which a crew of vikings land on the shores of the New World. But they find that they our not welcomed and pray to their