Al Roker hits major career milestone, Today Show fans congratulate him

Al Roker Red Carpet
Al Roker celebrates a milestone at NBC. Pic credit: ©

Despite his rough year, Al Roker still has a great outlook on life.

He is eating healthier and walking often and has been reflecting on Instagram about how thankful he is to be working now when, this time last year, he was recuperating from an ICU stay after surgery.

All his fans missed him during those long months he was off the Today Show as America’s most beloved weatherman.

Now, people wonder where he is when he is missing or filming from other places. Any time this happens, social media blows up with posts about Al and where he could be this time.

And don’t mention the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade if Al Roker isn’t there; it is not the same. He had to miss 2022, but everyone celebrated when he returned this year.

Now, it is time for another significant milestone for Al Roker – he is celebrating 45 years at NBC.

The Today Show celebrates Al Roker today

Today’s Today Show had a segment showcasing Al and the significance of 45 years. They have added up the numbers for Al.

Al has had 7.047 wake-ups at 3:45 a.m. He has hosted 27 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades during this time.

These 45 years mean he has worked 13 Olympics. The longevity that Al has had on television is incredible.

Fans posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, about their love for Al.

One user, @marykaytor1163, had a simple, “happy anniversary al.”

Another, @sierragmc20, said, “Congratulations Mr Al Roker.”

A third, in a sampling, said, “Love you.”

Fans of Al Roker post on X.
Fans of Today and Al Roker post on X. Pic credit: @marykaytor1163/@sierragmc20/@mhalbertjd/X

What is next for Al Roker?

Al laughs off retirement questions and is now a proud grandfather. Sky Clara Laga was born in July, and Al could not be happier.

He loves to post photos of the baby on his Instagram.

This latest post of Al’s is captioned, “Pepper still not sure about Sky. Who is this who steals my attention?”

Al’s daughter, Courtney, revealed to the Sun that her father loves to post baby photos, but she has had to reel him in a bit. She said, “I gotta rein it in  just a bit because every time he posts, it ends up in an article somewhere!”

Even famous grandfathers want to post those grandbaby pictures on social media.

Courtney also mentioned that she is writing a cookbook with her father, although Al’s illness and the baby being born have sidetracked her a bit.

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