‘Al Roker dead’ is trending: Here’s why fans are worried about Today Show host

Al Roker on Today
Al Roker on Today. Pic credit: NBC

Millions of people love Al Roker. Everyone knows him and notices when he is not in his spot on Today and Weatherman.

It has been a year since he became seriously ill and almost died. Lately, he has taken time to discuss what happened last year.

He spent most of November in the hospital. He even had to miss the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time since he began hosting it in 1995.

Al had previously beaten prostate cancer. This time, he had to be hospitalized for blood clots in his leg and lungs.

Now, Al and his wife, Deborah Roberts, are making the talk show circuit about his health scare and the importance of family.

He told People that he felt he had ruined Thanksgiving for his family during his illness.

Fans are worried about Al and are sharing their concerns on social media

Al recently went on The Kelly Clarkson Show with his wife to reminisce about the experience and his gratitude for his family.

The clip can be seen here on The Kelly Clarkson Show’s official YouTube channel.

Al recounts that he went into the hospital for one surgery and ended up having five in total. Deborah tells Kelly Clarkson that it was a “Very scary time.”

All this attention has made news of Al Roker and his possible demise trend on the internet.

A sampling from X, formerly known as Twitter, shows that people care about what happens to Al. One user asked if Al Roker is “gone?”

Al Roker fan asks about him
Social media asks about Al Roker. Pic credit: @dimplezz1255/X

Another fan must have concluded that Al had passed away and wrote, “RIP AL Roker dead at 69.”

Twitter fan of Al Roker
An RIP post for Al Roker. Pic credit: @FiveOHonolulu/X

Yet another user posted about how impressed he was with all that Al has gone through healthwise and said in part, “I’m glad to hear he’s doing better.”

Al Roker fan on Twitter
Respect paid to Al Roker. Pic credit: @JoeMaristela/X

Al Roker has no plans to retire any time soon

With all these health concerns, one would expect the 69-year-old Al to consider retiring.

He told ET that he has too much fun to think about quitting. He looks forward to each morning when he can see his coworkers again. He enjoys them all so much.

Speaking of his father, who drove a bus eight hours a day, he did not retire until it was no longer fun, and Al had taken that advice to heart.

Now, Al and his wife are traveling and doing projects such as hosting the 2023 Impact Awards at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City on November 8, 2023.

Al also has his own entertainment company, Al Roker Entertainment. And he recently shared on Instagram that he was in Cleveland to moderate a conversation about the iconic movie A Christmas Story.

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that Al is still going strong!

Al Roker can be seen on Today on NBC.

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Curley Gardner
Curley Gardner
7 months ago

Glad to see u doing better man u a fighter God got u that a bless u doing better love y’all

Barbara lester
Barbara lester
7 months ago

I’m glad his coming back his out of the woods.. Do good…