Al Roker slammed by fans over his rude behavior

Al Roker from the Today show
Al Roker from the Today show. Pic Credit: NBC

Al Roker, usually a fan favorite as a weather presenter on the Today show, has been having a rough time lately.

The 69-year-old shared his health struggles that kept him off the air for a long time. He sat down in April with Entertainment Tonight and gushed about his feelings for work.

Every day is a different day, and our audience who comes down to the Today show, our crew, our producers — how do you give up something like this?” Al said.

Though he is often plagued with health problems, knowing when to retire is hard for Al to figure out.

He has joked with Dylan Dreyer and Craig Melvin, his co-hosts on the Today Third Hour, about the right time to retire.

His behavior of late, especially towards Dylan Dreyer, has caused fans to criticize him on social media.

Today show fans take to Instagram to call out Al Roker

In this lovely video short Today posted on Instagram with this message, “Happy fall, y’all,” we learn Craig Melvin is an Autumn.

Fans used this video to comment on their feelings about Al and whether he needs to retire.

One user on Instagram said, in part, “Al has to stop trying to be funny and interrupting coworkers when they are doing the job.”

Another user replied, “I have seen this often recently. What happened today?” To which someone replied, “It’s now a everyday occurrence.”

Today show fans take to Instagram to show outrage over Al Roker
Pic Credit: @todayshow/Instagram

The comments continue to berate Al and his behavior towards Dylan, with one user saying, “Yes. Al was absolutely beyond rude today. And Dylan was offended…justifiably.”

Yet another user couldn’t agree more, writing, “Agree. I loved how she just sat there, not reacting to their inappropriate comment.”

Some users just laughed, and another complimented Craig, not so much for Al, “Craig, your awesome! But Al is getting annoying, talking over everyone.”

Today show fans on Instagram
Pic Credit: @todayshow/Instagram

Al Roker recently apologized to Dylan Dreyer over his rudeness

Al usually gets along with his coworkers and jokes and teases often. The other day, he teased Craig over wanting “his head” in Craig’s lap.

But Al felt he needed to apologize to Dylan on the Today Third Hour. Dylan regularly fills in for Al when he is sick or on another business endeavor.

This time, Dylan was in the middle of an interview, and Al jumped in and gave an update on himself.

Dylan, Craig, and Sheinelle Jones were speaking to a psychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Boardman, when Al rudely spoke over the group.

Dylan and Al then joked back and forth over his retirement, and he told her, “So sorry, Dylan.”

The people on Today Third Hour are all good sports, and most of the back-and-forth banter comes from a good place. Al seems to know when it is time to apologize.

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