Adrian Veidt on Watchmen: Who is the ‘Game Warden’?

Adrian Veidt on Watchmen: Who is the 'Game Warden'?
The Game Warden on Watchmen: Pic credit: HBO

After three episodes, the worst kept secret on Watchmen was revealed as the Lord of the Manor finally introduced himself as Adrian Veidt, the man formerly known as Ozymandias.

However, there was an interesting twist here as it turns out that, despite outward appearances, Veidt is being held captive at his Manor by someone known as the Game Warden.

Who is Adrian Veidt on Watchmen?

Adrian Veidt was the villain from the original Watchmen comic book series and movie. He was also the main hero of those stories in many people’s eyes.

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See, Ozymandias was the smartest man in the world and realized that the world was on the brink of a nuclear war that would destroy society.

As a result, he hatched a plan to unleash a giant squid creature on Manhattan, killing over three million people and forcing the United States and Russia to put their differences aside to battle an “extraterrestrial force.”

It was the biggest scam in the world and it worked. As Watchmen on HBO shows, the world is still at peace 30 years later.

However, the Watchmen premiere episode showed that Adrian Veidt had died, but as fans of the comics know, this is a lie.

The character known as the Lord of the Manor has been part of every episode of Watchmen in HBO so far and has been highly entertaining as he sets up new events that result in the horrific deaths of his cloned servants.

However, this week, he set out to kill and try to take the skin from a buffalo only to find someone else there who threatened to kill him if he did not keep his part of the bargain when it comes to his “captivity.”

After receiving a harshly written letter from the Game Warden, Veidt then responded with a letter of his own and this is where Watchmen on HBO allowed fans to know this was, in fact, Adrian Veidt.

Then, Veidt set out at midnight for a new hunt dressed as Ozymandias.

Who is the Game Warden on Watchmen on HBO?

The basic thought is that the Game Warden is someone who knew that Adrian Veidt was an evil person at heart and held him captive at the large estate to protect the world.

That would make the Game Warden his jailor.

However, there is a more likely explanation.

When Adrian Verit put on his Ozymandias costume and headed out for his midnight hunt, it was clear this was all a game to him.

That makes it more likely that the Game Warden is likely another clone, one playing a role in the games that Adrian Veidt loves to create for himself.

There are also people who might believe that Dr. Manhattan has imprisoned Adrian Veidt with him on Mars, which explains his amusing reenactments of the Watchmaker’s Son.

For now, it is yet another mystery.

The identity of the Game Warden will likely be revealed in the fifth episode on Nov. 17 where the synopsis claims that “the Smartest Man In The World (Jeremy Irons) plots a daring escape.”

Watchmen airs on HBO on Sundays at 9/8c.

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