NCIS promo frustrates some fans as Ziva pops up again

The NCIS preview for the February 18 episode may be a tad misleading. And it has some fans already confused about what is going on. It’s a new episode that will debut on Tuesday night, with the team taking part in a new investigation. At the same time, the episode doesn’t have a lot to


Ziva David is back on NCIS with new episode tonight

NCIS returns tonight with the winter premiere and Ziva David is back for more. There is a rub, though, as Season 17, Episode 11 might be the last time we see her for a while. Even the preview hints that Ziva has one foot out the door, but that she is willing to stick around


When did Ziva come back to NCIS? Fall finale befuddles some fans

NCIS fans are asking about Ziva due to her appearance during the fall finale this evening. Viewers who missed the beginning of Season 17 may have not seen that she returned to the show. Likewise, viewers who are tuning in tonight for the first time in a while may have been shocked that Ziva David


NCIS releases Ziva David highlight video for her time on the show

NCIS and CBS are heavily promoting the return of Ziva David for the fall finale of the show. When Season 17, Episode 10 airs on Tuesday night, actress Cote de Pablo is back for another critical moment in her character’s arc. As advertised by the network, Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team is


NCIS spoilers: Ziva David not the only character to return for fall finale

NCIS spoilers reveal that it isn’t just Ziva David returning for the fall finale of the show. CBS viewers are also going to see another actor from the past reappear during a dramatic two-part event. It’s a well-known secret that actress Cote de Pablo is returning for the NCIS fall finale, where the team is


NCIS spoilers: Fall finale, Cote de Pablo return details revealed

NCIS spoilers about Cote de Pablo returning to the cast as Ziva David have become pretty well-known. But now, CBS has revealed plot details about the fall finale episode. The NCIS fall finale airs on Tuesday, December 17, so some fans might also call it the winter finale. That’s when the next new episode of


NCIS spoilers: When is winter finale and when does Ziva David return?

NCIS spoilers have been revealed as the CBS schedule heads toward its winter finales. Fans can also start planning ahead for when Ziva David will appear on the show again. Let’s jump right to some of the important news. There are only three new episodes left in the first half of Season 17. It means


NCIS Season 17, Episode 2: Cote de Pablo ends Ziva David arc

NCIS Season 17, Episode 2 is called Into the Ligh” and it allows actress Cote de Pablo to give Ziva David some closure. Or at least wrap up the current version of that phrase, as she could turn up in the future as well. The October 1 episode of the show is a continuation of


Is Ziva actually coming back to NCIS? Return of Cote de Pablo addressed

Ziva appeared on the NCIS season finale, with actress Cote de Pablo returning to the show. But what does it all mean? With just moments left before the credits rolled on the night, someone appeared at the top of the steps to Gibbs’ basement. He looked up to see Ziva David standing there. She didn’t